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Kristina is currently riding her bicycle around the world with Ride To Learn, the first expedition of the To Learn Adventure Series. When she's not riding a bike she enjoys her role as a Social Educator, connecting with youth and building solution-focused programs.

Her research at the University of Sydney, where she earned an MEd (Ed/Psych), explored the potential of online environments to reach and engage young women. Continuing her exploration of online education, in 2012 Kristina became an inaugural member of the Australian Apple Professional Development network, leveraging innovative technology solutions with thought-leading education concepts.

The To Learn series is based on an Adventure Learning pedagogy, unique in providing teaching and learning through the authentic real life challenges of field explorers. Kristina believes that pairing Adventure Learning with a solution-focussed perspective has the potential to empower youth globally to become critical and creative thinkers, action makers and collaborators in a shared, sustainable future.