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Julie Lindsay, First Place Winner

First Place:
Julie Lindsay, International School Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh and Vicki Davis, Westwood Schools, Georgia, USA, for their project, The Flat Classroom
The Flat Classroom Project exemplifies authentic student engagement with 21st Century Literacies. The work of these educators is an outstanding application of the best practice: “’Technology’ is not a single tool, but a whole toolbox — use the right combination of tools for a particular project, and be prepared to add new tools over time.”

Barrie Becker, Second Place Winner

Second Place:
Barrie Becker, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, California, USA, in collaboration with Tanja Bojic in Montenegro, for their project Rostislav and Julianna
Rostislav and Julianna is an exemplar of intercultural understandings being promoted and developed within the context of a conventional subject area.

Carol Anne McGuire, Third Place Winner

Third Place:
Carol Anne McGuire, Imperial Elementary School, Anaheim Hills, CA, for her project, Rock Our World
Rock our World is exceptional as a truly "layered" global education project, involving innovative use of technology while maintaining a strong curriculum focus. This project is a model for allowing the whole collaborative process to happen online, not just the sharing of end products or results.

Jennifer Meagher, Special Mention

Special Mention:
Jennifer Meagher, Alexander Galt Regional School, Quebec, Canada for her project, Survivor Galt
Survivor Galt is specially recognized for engaging students as active co-creators of a technology-enriched global learning experience. In the words of one judge, “This entry seemed to perfectly embody the goals of the contest.”

Kim Cofino, Special Mention

Special Mention:
Kim Cofino, Mont'Kiara International School, Malaysia, for her project,
the International Teen Life Project
The International Teen Life Project demonstrates the power of multimedia based, peer-to-peer collaboration. Commended by the judges: “getting students together from multiple continents to discuss today's issues - very nice indeed.”


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