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Panorama Global Health (March 2014)
Out of the 8 Millennium Development Goals, 3 of them relate to health which are MDGs 4, 5 and 6 which have as goals to reduce child mortality rates, Improve maternal health and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases respectively. While progress towards achieving these goals have been beari...

random issues

Panorama Understanding Poverty (July 2003)
Poverty. The word illicits many thoughts and depictions within us. This single word is used to describe so much in the world. Like love, it cannot fully be explained, but we know that it exists, and can pick it up in a heart beat. In this light, we then try to understand it. More specifically, ...
Panorama Good Governance (June 2006)
Accountable, effective, participatory, transparent, and equitable – these are the major characteristics of “good governance.” In this special issue of Panorama brought to you by Journalists for Human Rights and TakingITGlobal, our writers explore the meanings of good governance and ...
Panorama Refugees (August 2004)
Behind the endless parade of statistics and staggeringly large numbers, the global refugee crisis has a face, a mouth, eyes, hands. Beyond the bureaucracy of borders and the legitimacy of passports, there is the story of the families, of the friends, of the lovers and the loved ones. These stories a...
Panorama Russian Youth Media Online (June 2005)
Russian Youth Media Online is a platform for youth-generated media publications which do not have online versions and are not available to audiences outside their immediate communities. Many young people in Russia write articles and news stories – as journalists, students of journalism or freelan...
Panorama Youth and Digital Opportunities in Russia and Ukraine (December 2005)
In Russia and Ukraine, young people constitute the largest and most vibrant group of internet users. At the same time, many young people, especially those in rural areas, find themselves excluded from the new digital opportunities. And while both Russia and Ukraine are in the process of developing I...