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Panorama Global Health (March 2014)
Out of the 8 Millennium Development Goals, 3 of them relate to health which are MDGs 4, 5 and 6 which have as goals to reduce child mortality rates, Improve maternal health and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases respectively. While progress towards achieving these goals have been beari...

random issues

Panorama Les mots d'une culture de paix et de dialogue (September 2006)
A l’occasion du lancement de sa plateforme multilingue, TakingITGlobal a lancé un concours en ligne s’adressant à tous les jeunes francophones du monde entier, sur le thème « Les mots d’une culture de paix et de dialogue ». Par ce concours, les jeunes francophones à travers le ...
Panorama Meet the Volunteers (October 2009)
(Photo by Wessex Archaeology) Volunteering is often thought of as an altruistic activity that demands selflessness and for which there are no tangible gains. However, while there is an altruistic impulse behind volunteering, there is also much to be gained through volunteer work. The be...
Panorama The Power of Language (June 2011)
Language permeates every issue in today's world. We all express our ideas in different languages. How does our mother tongue influence us? If our mother tongue is not English, do we keep our native language alive, or learn English to keep up with globalization and to increase our job prospects? W...
Panorama Travel and Migration (August 2003)
Welcome to the latest issue of the zine. This issue is focused around the topic of travel and migration. We asked young writers from around the world what they thought about the cultures they've visited and the places they've been. In a number of articles, the notion that we all share the same plane...
Panorama Languages (June 2004)
Languages are fundamental to communication and cultural expression, determining worldviews and ways of meaning-making; statistics like "one language disappears on average every two weeks" are particularly alarming in this light. The extinction of languages is both an effect and cause of cultural he...