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Short stories let you visit the land of make-believe. Step in the lives of imaginary characters. Free your creative powers!

Featured Short Stories

You and Two Days
by warHazards
I am sitting in a dark, cold room in the old building of Waris Road. There are a few sounds here I can hear....Mohammad Ali playing tabla, a rickshaw passing by and this fan up on the ceiling....

A Trip to Insanity (Human Rights)
He storied the times he is scavenging in trash cans, lucky enough to find a piece of fried chicken with some meat still intack. He would get it out from the rubbage, would wipe some of the dirt,...

Ever Wonder? (Culture)
by Karl Fung
Ever wonder why red is called red when the sky isn’t called blue? Ever wonder why people weren’t black and white in the good old days when old TV programs suggested that so? Ever wonder why these...

The Bicolana (Human Rights)
by pxi
“They talk about a woman’s sphere as though it had a limit; There’s not a place on earth or heaven there’s not a task to mankind given, there’s not a blessing or a woe, there’s not a whisper,...

The Rock Star and the Serpent (Citizen Journalism)
by Hussein Macarambon
Chito and Athene are the opposite poles of a magnet. Chito is a hyperactive and slightly mad punk star; Athene is just a hungry albino serpent. They live in the same room, but Chito gets to sleep...

Children of Africa (Human Rights)
by neema
Change is inevitable and a quest for mans life. It lingers in lips and has posed a challenge, for it is not spontaneous. It manifests with time and has no limit. I grew up never knowing what really...

The Dead Vulture Rains (Culture)
by Morgan Whitfield
atmosphere- I frolicked in all the numb festivities. I approached the corpse and bowed at his feet. The bush was set afire; the mourners gleamed. To them I had already died. I turned to the...

Realistic Living (Globalization)
by Bobola
"The fountain of content must spring up in the mind, and he who hath so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition, will waste his life in...

Perennial (Culture)
by Bealive1
Sarah got down on her knees to dig. She bore seeds of the tiniest kind within the folds of her apron. You see, Sarah loved flowers-- flowers of all colors and varieties. Her favorites were the...

What is a Boy? What is a Girl? (Culture)
by Nourhan Mohammad Aboulabbas
I came to the world four years ago, but I wasn’t alone. I was one of two twins. I remember being held up-side down and wrapped in something warm. But what I remember most is what happened when my...

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