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Short stories let you visit the land of make-believe. Step in the lives of imaginary characters. Free your creative powers!

Featured Short Stories

Tomorrow is Brighter Than We Think (Culture)
by Amiya, Bangladesh
The subtle buzz of the radio broke Rita’s slumber. It was the first day of the Bengali year and her younger brother decided to start it with a radio broadcast. Rita smiled at the thought of her...

White, Black and Grey (Culture)
by Ahmad Magdy, Egypt
The three ducks were intimate friends. They were not in fact three, they were more than this little number. The flock consisted of about ten ducks but some analysts concluded that Darwin’s survival...

Safe sex is great sex, prevention is the key (Sexuality)
by ksfeg
Picture, "AIDS Awareness in a child's point of view," by Rajendra B Surlekar Pregnancy is a wonderful gift, as good as sex, but both can also be your worst nightmare. Getting pregnant when...

There was once a catechist (Poverty)
by Ayo Morakinyo, Nigeria
There is no work that Ada, my older sister, has not done in Lagos City. Since our escape from the village, she has done every job that the word “menial” fits. From load carrier to road sweeper,...

Scars and healing (Peace & Conflict)
by Tabitha Rono, Kenya
Seated under the night sky reflecting on the past, I cannot escape the events of the fateful day. Constantly, they replay in my mind. In my eyes, Tears well up. I feel like lying down, never to...

The conversation (Globalization)
by Taiwo Emmanuel Olusola, Nigeria
Professor: The land is flooded; The land is flooded; The land is flooded. Let the inhabitants seek rags, Mop the flood that engulfs to the knees; Squeeze it back into the flood. Tenant:...

The day I became a Mamiwata (Child & Youth Rights)
by nina, Nigeria
My big brother Iyke landed that hot, Saturday afternoon full of stories and pictures from his overseas travels. We devoured the stories like food. My mother was extremely happy to see her long lost...

Jennifer, la hormiguita (Culture)
by MullerTime!, Canada
La hormiguita Quebec, Canadá: Hoy vi volar frente a mi un cabello mas rubio que el mÍo, son contadas las ocasiones en que he visto a Jennifer pero invariablemente cada vez que me la topo me...

If it glitters, it comes at a price (Maternal Health & Child Mortality)
by Julie, Kenya
This is the story of Rita, a young woman whose life took a turn when she was seventeen years old. Rita was a high school student living in one of the slum areas of Nairobi called City Carton. She...

My first trip to Pakistan (Human Rights)
by Anum Khan, Pakistan
My first visit to Pakistan (May-June 2008) As I scramble to get ready for my sister’s friends’ wedding ceremony, the lights go out. “Shoot, I only put on mascara on one of my eyelids.” I...

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