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Everybody Come Together, We can Work Magic Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Rhianna Thompson, United Kingdom Jul 29, 2004
Human Rights   Short Stories


My name is Rhianna and I have only joined TIG recently with very integrous ideas and an enthusiastic mind. I would like to share with you some of this.

I had felt that there was something missing my life, and to cut a long story short, I found that I really enjoyed doing charity work and basically anything to do with helping people. I like to speak up for what I care about. I believe that everybody has a voice and that they should use it when it is important otherwise there will be nothing left and nothing worth hoping for.

The world is everybody's oyster, think about it. People worry too much about things in life such as work and study which is obviously a good thing, but they continue to forget about what is equally or more important. They forget the small things like how to help a person in need, how to give to people in need and how to take some time to speak up and make a difference for something that matters to them. Don't you see? It doesn't matter if you are a lawyer, doctor or a business person, just care, love and be helpful and kind to yourself and others. These are the things that really make a person a good character.

I am very interested in human rights and social justice. I believe that everybody is equal and nobody deserves to be treated as disgustingly as they are and have been in the past. A few of my main concerns are those of women and children both in western society and in countries of poverty where they are being raped, killed and viciously attacked and tortured for no reason at all. This is a huge social injustice and one day I would like to stop or do anything I can to help stop this terrible catastrophe.

Anyone who reads this, please message me and share your views about what bothers you about the goings on in the world and your concerns. Please share this with me and we could form a group and speak up together because working together we can make miracles (if we try) ;) Remember one true voice can be louder than a crowd! Believe in yourselves!



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