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A Child Employed is a Future Destroyed (Child Labor in Pakistan) (Opinions) 29-04-2004
by Muhammad Idrees Khan
Pakistan has recently passed laws limiting child labor and indentured servitude -- but those laws are universally ignored, and some 11 million children, aged four to fourteen, keep that country's factories operating, often working in cruel and...

Child Labor Practices (Opinions) 22-02-2002
by Preethi Nath
The question is should we or should we not buy products made by children? Most people do not understand the tremendous magnitude and complexity of child labor and look at it through rose-tinted glasses. His or her perception is that by boycotting...

Child Labour (Opinions) 21-10-2001
by Maitreyi Doshi
An Indian poet has rightly stated that he would like to have childhood again and again. He explained that the child is free from all tension, work and is free to do what he likes. Normally a child studies, has his freedom, plays and is not...

Child Labour (Poetry) 30-10-2005
by jaleel
Children of the 21st age, Can you not see? Can you not feel? What your peers are up to? Fetching rags, saving every tit and bit, for our nation to capitalize. Can you not see? Delivering newspapers, braving the daybreak chill, for a...

Child Labour and Human Rights (Opinions) 21-05-2004
by jamal siddiqui
We are guilty of many errors and faults, But our worst crime is abandoning the children, Neglecting the foundation of life, Many of the things we need can wait, The child can not, Right now is the time his bones are being formed, His blood...

Child Labour in India (Opinions) 15-04-2004
by abhimanyu dev singh billawaria
India is a developing country and a country which is immediately plagued by child labour. According to 1991 census, there were 11.28 million child workers in India. Andhra Pradesh has the highest child labour population with 1.66 million children...

End Child Labour (Opinions) 16-12-2003
by Timmy
Imagine that you are a child. You are eight years old and work ten hours a day at a brick kiln. Because you are forced to work you cannot go to school. Without an education, you’ll be trapped in a life of poverty. You then ultimately lose your...

Labour and Productivity (Poetry) 6-10-2003
by Adepegba Kehinde
I quickly from the taxi alighted Seeing the mothers to be, I delighted In the reality that at the maternity Labourers like me were majority The hostile nurses ordered and I roamed The maternity as I groaned and moaned As if I was set on...

Poverty and the Rights of the Child (Interviews) 7-01-2004
by Solace Asafo
Ghana, West Africa - The bargain lasted for a few minutes, a little over $180 was handed over to the mother of a child and the deal was sealed; a child of 3 had just been pawned by his parents to a local fisherman to be used as a diver in the...

The conversation (Short Story) 22-01-2009
by Taiwo Emmanuel Olusola
Professor: The land is flooded; The land is flooded; The land is flooded. Let the inhabitants seek rags, Mop the flood that engulfs to the knees; Squeeze it back into the flood. Tenant: Professor, that is stupid, outlandish. Prof.: It...

World Bank Weighs In on Youth Unemployment (Opinions) 12-05-2006
by Megan Nettleton
The issue of youth unemployment sits at the top of most political agendas the world over. It nags particularly at governments in the sub-region and the greater developing world, because skyrocketing levels of youth unemployment fan the flames of...