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Child Labour Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by jal, India Oct 30, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Human Rights , Labour Rights   Poetry


Children of the 21st age,
Can you not see?
Can you not feel?
What your peers are up to?

Fetching rags,
saving every tit and bit,
for our nation to capitalize.
Can you not see?

Delivering newspapers,
braving the daybreak chill,
for a populace, informed.
Can you not feel?

Playing on the streets,
amidst the rush-hour chaos,
to ease the urban mood.
Can you not see?

Selling Harry Potters,
they cannot read,
for you to kill time!
What a shame!

Can you not see?
those innocent peers of yours,
working hard, day and night,
to earn their bread.

Can you not feel?
the dreams they conceal,
the time they do not have,
the life they do not live.



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Child Labour
pixie | Nov 29th, 2005
Yes, I can see. Yes, I can feel. I can visualize the tears of a poor little child who stands alone on the street, selling old magazines or anything they can get their hands on, if only to earn a scrap of stale food that others have cast away. I only regret that I have not done a single thing to make the pain go away, but maybe people like me and you, who see what they see and feel what they feel, can help make a change. We must act now.

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