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Ability in Disability (Poetry) 1-12-2005
by Henry Ekwuruke
Seeking knowledge makes for wisdom Discerning, making (good and sound) judgment Of good and reputable course Picturing colors and knowing the difference I had to know of it My ability, my abilities To read and write To perceive and to...

Disability in Uganda (Opinions) 5-02-2006
by Ssendagire Paul
Disability is part and parcel of every society. There is no generation or society without a disabled person. Yet the term disability encircles the mentally ill, the visually impaired, people with behavioural and communication disorders, the poor...

Disability, Beyond Physical (Poetry) 21-03-2006
by Odimegwu Onwumere
Disability: Something that disables or disqualifies one. We have disability of the mind We have disability of the heart We have disability of the eye When one has no money to execute an obligation he is disabled, or when love is broken,...

Disabled but Not disqualified (Short Story) 21-04-2007
by Nabil Eid
Story is about physical disability student The girl who loves the moon. (Noura Arslan ) Noura is one of our physical disability students Noura is much like the early spring buds. She is a candle that enlightens the dark corners in our...

Goverments in Africa and the Disabled (Opinions) 23-05-2006
by Baijuka Elvis Rufus
Walking along the streets of Kampala it is not a rare sight to see disabled people lying on the walkways and holding their hands up, begging for something to eat. In this disabled state, the message you can read in their eyes is, "I do not like to...

HIV/AIDS, Rape, and Sexual Violence Threatens the Lives of the Disabled in Kenya (Opinions) 20-03-2006
by Antony Felix O. O. Simbowo
HIV/AIDS, rape and several other forms of sexual violence face today’s African woman, man and child. This happens at the height of a litany of campaigns and pseudo-campaigns orchestrated to fight against the same socioeconomic ignominies. In a...

Living With Disabilities (Opinions) 23-02-2006
by Fredrick Ouko
While youth account for the largest percentage of the world’s population, less attention is being given towards addressing the myriad problems experienced by the world’s vast majority. The situation is even worse when a segment of this...

My Work with Children with Disabilities (Opinions) 22-02-2006
by Anand Koti
Understanding life is really difficult. It’s better not to understand it and let it come the way it has to. We can improve our life with our collective hard work, practical approach and meditation. There is a bright ray of light within everyone,...

On Mr. John Foppe's Visit: Disabled Motivational Speaker Visits Privileged Nigerians (Opinions) 19-11-2004
by Oluyemisi Joel-Osebor (Nee Agboola)
I am writing to commend the efforts of First Bank Nigeria and Soft Skills Management for bringing Mr. John Foppe – a physically challenged American motivational speaker – to Nigeria. The purpose of his visit, amongst others, was to share his...

Physically Challenged Not Disabled (Opinions) 16-03-2006
by Amurawaiye Olushola
The use of the term disabled to describe a handicapped or physically challenged person always irritates me. I am handicapped and I know that I am certainly not disabled in any way. In my daily life, I undergo so many challenges that are not...

Reclaiming Open Spaces: The Responsibility of Individuals, the Community and the Government (Opinions) 7-08-2003
The subject of reclaiming open spaces has continued to resonate throughout the minds of environment-conscious individuals across the globe, particularly in the USA. In America, there is an increasing awareness of the need to foster "open space"...

The Disabled in India (Opinions) 21-01-2006
by S Joshipura
If you are disabled and living in India, it can’t get more unfortunate than that. For a country known for its rich diversity of species and people, and a population of all different faiths which live in unity, it is really sorry to see the poor...

There is Ability in Disability (Poetry) 10-03-2006
by Oluyemisi Joel-Osebor (Nee Agboola)
No no, don’t ever allow self-pity to overshadow your dreams. Because there’s ability in disability What you call disability today could be a springboard to your success tomorrow If you talk about your disability, then let me remind you that...

To Give is to Get: How a Disabled Person Can Turn His Life Around and Support Other People (Interviews) 17-05-2005
by Giang Nguyen
Tran Van Tinh is currently the focal point for the United Nation’s Youth Programme in Vietnam. Aged 25, he has gone to numerous Youth Conferences around the world and is a dynamic activist to promote regional youth activities. It comes as an...