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Disabled but Not disqualified Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nabil Eid, Syria Apr 21, 2007
Education , Technology , Green Spaces   Short Stories


Story is about physical disability student
The girl who loves the moon.
(Noura Arslan )
Noura is one of our physical disability students
Noura is much like the early spring buds.
She is a candle that enlightens the dark corners in our gloomy hearts Noura 's name comes from the Arabic.
Origin (Nour). Which means light. Noura has become a star in our center. She has changed a lot .
Before Noura come to our center she was kept in total indifference. Her only solace was to listen some music. She had broken spirits. She only had the chance to sit in front of her house and watch people. She has an angelic voice and she is as pure as snow. Every one loves her now, Noura has changed a lot. She is a current visitor to our center She deals with people differently, She no lunges feels that she is burden . She feels as if she were bird .She has had lots or training on computer programs . She could master certain programs. She likes drawing's and singing and now she is preparing to exam of ICDL certificate . She always signs for us in the center She participated in many T.V shows and program about special needs . She was shown on Arabic channel. The center has discovered the beauty of her enchanting voice .. She participated in many songs during the performance day . She had the closed care of Dr. Nour Sheikh Obied .The manager of ICT4Dev in UNDP/Syria.
Now Noura is having certain thereby by our trainers and specialists on rehabilitation. We have brought her soul and spirits back to the realm of hope.
We say brave to the work team in the center piloted by Nabil Eid .
All the best to our dearest child of hope. Noura Arslan.
Best Regards .

Nabil Eid
ICT4D – Syria
Salamieh Community Telecentre
Tel: +963 33 832360
Fax: +963 33 832361
E-mail: nabileid21@yahoo.com



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Writer Profile
Nabil Eid

Nabil Eid
Team work in Salamieh Community Telecentre
ICT4D - Syria

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