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"Many governments are far behind" - An Interview with Erik T. Wedershoven Part II (Interviews) 1-10-2005
by Franziska Seel
This is part II of an interview I conducted with Erik T. Wedershoven, the official Youth Delegate of The Netherlands to the United Nations General Assembly. In part I, I talked with him about his participation in the Millennium Summit, about...

Are You a Citizen? (Opinions) 24-11-2008
by TinaJ
We all do say we are citizens of a particular country. Some even go ahead to have dual citizenship. But do we really understand what we actually mean when we say we are citizens; a Kenyan, an American, an Australian? Do you say you are Kenyan or...

Army and Fair Elections in Bangladesh (Opinions) 10-10-2006
by uru
Speakers at a round table yesterday underlined the need for empowering voters, proper implementation of electoral laws, creating pressure on the political parties for bringing a total democratic environment in the country. Some of the discussants...

Beyond Social Works (Short Story) 30-10-2006
by Shakti Ghimire
Beyond Social Works The person who is always involved in non profitable organizations or charity as a leader does not have individual existence and should compromise with their personal life. Usually, person wants to spend some moments with...

Communicating for Social Change (Short Story) 3-09-2007
by Venkatesham Burra
Sixty years after independence, India's tryst with destiny continues. Impressive economic indicators of progress are tempered with the concerns for equity in human development. A high rate of GDP growth sits uncomfortably with a literacy rate of...

Concepts of Socialism (Opinions) 27-10-2002
by Andy Carloff
Concepts of Socialism By Punkerslut Introduction - What Is Socialism? Socialism is the belief that children should not have to go to sleep hungry at night. Socialism is the belief that sweatshops are an abomination to the ethic of...

El Señor y su Iglesia (Opinions) 27-06-2006
by Yolanda Martinez Mtz
“El sistema penal es solo tolerante mientras se trate de un ladrón de “cuello blanco” mientras que con los ladrones populares se muestra intolerante e inflexible”. Michel Foucault, acerca de la función del sistema penal. Tengo el gusto y...

FAO in New Youth Project for El Salvador (Interviews) 30-03-2004
by Yasmary Mora
In collaboration with the UN Gender Inter-agency Group (GIGNU) in El Salvador, FAO joins five other organizations in the implementation of a new project entitled Interagency Programme for the Empowerment of Adolescent Women in El Salvador. The...

Female Education: Assessing and Overcoming Social Setbacks (Opinions) 12-05-2005
by Mbũrũ Kamau
Educating a woman, so goes the mantra, is liberating a nation. However, when the social imbalances favour only one group at the expense of the other, the implications are usually sad and sometimes irreversible. Over centuries, women have been...

FUNDING, Anyone? (A Report on the First Fund Raising Congress in Makati, Philippines) (Interviews) 5-04-2004
by christopher bernardo
“We don’t have funds.” This is the usual argument of many organizations concerning their inability to execute their projects. Such argument was blown away in the minds of the representatives of the organizations that participated the March 30-31...

Gender Power (Poetry) 4-02-2009
by Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi
She was to lead a group of males, But, "NO!" she blurted. "I'm female." Quite a lot she could have achieved But engraved in her emotions, It determined her direction. The ego—he had it quite much! But if he hadn't bragged too much, Quite...

Interview with Bill Seiders (Interviews) 2-04-2004
by Yasmary Mora
Bill Seiders has been working as Senior Office, Rural Youth Development in the Sustainable Development Department of FAO for the past 10 years. He began youth development work in 1968 as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia, South America....

Junior Farmer Field Schools Come up in Zimbabwe (Interviews) 30-03-2004
by Yasmary Mora
Junior Farmer Field Schools is to be established in Zimbabwe with financial support from Sweden and collaboration from the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and the Catholic Relief Service. FAO has...

K-Economy in the Philippine Setting (Interviews) 2-05-2004
by christopher bernardo
Jake Macasaet of Business Insight during the whole interview reiterates that K-economy is inapplicable in the Philippines. Dr. Apolinario Nazarea tries his best on the other hand to explain the situation to Macasaet who seems not to understand...

Mad People Here (Poetry) 14-12-2006
by kerem ozkaya
I see mad people here talking about saving the world even changing the world they have no idea how politics work and even what to do for a living I see mad people here talking about the issues nobody cares or even thinks I see...

Nigeria Needs Accountability for Development (Opinions) 1-07-2006
by Henry Ekwuruke
The word Accountability is derived from accountable which itself is an adjective derivable from the noun, account. According the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, the word account means a written or spoken report; description, story,...

Partecipazione dal basso. Il potere della cittadinanza attiva. (Opinions) 19-06-2007
by Francesca Montanari
Si chiama, forse, paura il morbo che più affligge oggi il nostro paese. Paura di non arrivare alla fine del mese, per i più, paura di perdere i propri privilegi, per i meno. E ancora: il popolo dei precari e la casta degli strapotenti sono uniti...

Student Group Targets Corporate Elites (Interviews) 9-11-2008
by Jonathan Frank
On November 3, 2008 in Waterloo, Ontario a student activist group, Anti-War @ Laurier, from Wilfred Laurier University targeted Manulife Financial for their leadership role in the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) and the Security and...

Successful Extension Youth Development Project in El Salvador (Interviews) 30-03-2004
by Yasmary Mora
In an effort to help young people in rural El Salvador acquire knowledge, skills and experiences to enable them to begin a small agricultural business, the Extension Service of the National Centre of Agricultural and Forestry Technology (CENTA) of...

Svyatoslav Maskimov, Mezhdurechensk (Opinions) 10-11-2004
by irene melchner
Провинция –вот истинная Россия. Наверное, нельзя говорить о России в целом, не зная всей ее глубины, проявляющейся в жизнедеятельности отдельных провинциальных городков, деревень и забытых богом полустанков… Один из таких городков –...

The Ideology of Political Representation (Opinions) 12-12-2007
by John Sunday Martin, Chairman of Mundri Youth Development Association- (MYDA)
As I took a moment to observe the conceptions of many Malawians about refugees/ asylum seekers, I felt it was a curse for a person to be a refugee in another country- especially in a country where the citizens have a narrow sense of humanitarian...

The power of initiatives to youth developmental growth (Opinions) 6-10-2008
by Desmond D. Osokpor
The elements were elemental: One mile, four minutes. Men could not run a mile under four minutes. It became a challenge in the history of humanity. But on May 6,1954, an English man, Roger Banister, who just graduated from medical studies, crossed...

The weak link between International Aid and International Development (Opinions) 28-03-2007
by Fiona McKenzie
“Foreign aid in different times and different places has been highly effective, totally ineffective, and everything in between. Perhaps that is to be expected in a complex endeavour that has spanned half a century, with scores of countries as...

Yes, We Did! (Poetry) 23-01-2009
by Mutebi Bwakya
Yes, we did it! Yes, we did! We made a great choice; we put in a great bid. He told us that we could. He said,"Yes we can!" A really positive statement; the words of a great man. An on-point African-American; Barack Obama, just what we needed...

الديمقراطية المصادرة!!! (Opinions) 31-05-2007
by Adel Gana
إن الوضع الذي تمر به بلادنا العربية شديد الشبه بالتنين ذلك الكائن الأسطوري ذي الرؤوس الكثيرة المخيفة، و ليس وجه الشبه في البشاعة و الرعب فقط، لكن التشابه الأساسي في طابع التعدد و الكثرة، تعدد الأسباب المباشرة و المنابع العميقة و كثرة الوجوه...