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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Beyond Social Works Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Shakti, United Kingdom Oct 30, 2006
Globalization , Culture , Media , Civil Society   Short Stories
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Beyond Social Works Beyond Social Works

The person who is always involved in non profitable organizations or charity as a leader does not have individual existence and should compromise with their personal life. Usually, person wants to spend some moments with their families, beloved one, and friends and so on. Its means they want to be a part of social life which is amazing and wonderful. It’s all about my own imagination which is out of social work.

Meditation is the developer of the peace. Many people are attending their mind towards this which helps to attend the internal peace. On 2002 summer, I had attended three days full moon mediation camp in Osho Tapobon in Kathamndu. I have always curiosity about this Meditation. Dancing, singing, laughing, crying and so on are the natural mechanism of human body that makes this meditation unique. It is located at Nargarjung Jungle near to Katmandu valley where I have not only sat for meditation but I have wonderful chance to enjoy nature. It’s life time experience for me. I really enjoy what I have done within these days.

I have summarize that Meditations have been scientifically designed over a period of time that enable us to express and experience repressed feelings and emotions, and learn the knack of watching our habitual patterns in a new way. We have to concern a simple code; if you want to live a more fulfilled life, you should know your potential and your own identification. Meditation is the only way to know about that.
It is the methodology of the science of awareness. In another side, with recent intensity of young generation, I had joined modeling training that helps to top up our external personality.

On 2004, I have traveled UK to celebrate my birthday. Birthday is celebrated as an important day. That birthday when I had turned 23 was a special birthday in my life with more than three hundred international friends from different parts of the world in the South Wales, UK.

Well…., I saw a wonderful dream while I was in London. A youngster wrote her feelings towards me on that birthday after few years of my craze for her.

There is the amazing power in love. How much she means in my life can’t be output in this written form. Five years ago, I had noticed her heading towards her home from her college through my university. Tall, simple and naturally gorgeousness, seriousness, black eye is my secret of my enthusiasm for her which impressed me. During my return to Katmandu from London, I had brought her a beautiful watch which my little sister had it. She can be compared as watch that just concerned about the present moment. By the way, I have managed some alternative gifts for her.

Afterward, she becomes the companion with whom I had shared my happiness and sorrow in numerous dates all over one year in Katmandu. That was unforgettable period of my life.

A warm liking and affection is called as love where the gifts and parcels have no value and same last in our companionship.

I always tried to do my best whatever I do. It’s my strategy of life. If I fall in love, I must be fully dedicated. After a year, I had been to USA. With orientation to the above case, I had diamond and more gifts for her during my return from USA. You know, within few weeks a lot of water was flowing in the Bagmati River; gifts were locked in the luggage until now. After this, I had been in Bangkok, Australia, Canada and so on; even my inner heart doesn’t want to ignore to top up additional gift in the luggage for her.

The mystery is where she is now and what is she doing. There are many scientific tools and instrument like Internet, e-mail but where is the devise that connect me with her. My bliss and sorrow are stocking up but no one is here to relief them. It generated new techniques to live and changed my appearance. I can't bear it……………

Life is all about compromise. No body was born as a perfect one. We have to develop techniques of living style and discuses each other for improvement. Amazing thing is that our straggle will hit the success.

There is no confusion my love for her and I know she also same. If we fail to hug each other, others two person are move toward in our life. We can engage with others very easily although reality is that we live with just each other feeling. I cannot find out why she damage four person’s life.

Oh my god, person can departure from our life but love can never. Love doesn’t aware about reality but increase imagination of arrival.

Truly speaking, I am very unlucky person. After continuing the struggle for my life and deep belief on the astrology, I preferred for hard work for less success. That's why I am not interested for lottery. But some of my friends of UK encourage me for that. One day, he said to me nothing will be wrong and nothing will be lost just for some pounds for lottery. A senior friend of 50 shared his experience that whenever this game was launched he forgot to take dinner but never forgot to play it.

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