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Crushed Down! (Poetry) 3-07-2008
by Affiah Odhiambo
Every time You move Towards me Smiling You see me Smiling back A lot you don’t see Like My eyes twitching My skin numbing My heart racing Fast Faster I’m breathing hard Harder My hands wet Sweat dripping My knees feebly Bones...

Gender inequality in Nigeria (Opinions) 31-05-2007
A great deal of human behaviour is not the result of individual preferences. Rather, it is governed by institutional rules, norms and conventions that have powerful material effects on people’s lives. Institutions have been defined as the ‘rules...

In a while (Poetry) 2-05-2009
by Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri
At last, here we are blooming! After those seasons of itching and waiting; I can now hold you in my arms And ask for a dance. Let me your gorgeous lips And let's enjoy some sweet seizures. My sweet and my heart, It has been a long while!...

Mystical Moments (Poetry) 16-12-2006
The time we shared is a description of mystical moments that cure insomnia through the redemption of restlessness and therapeutic quietness. Shaken up by the beauty of unadulterated emotions, a blazing revelation with a spiritual impact, while...

Pounding (Poetry) 6-10-2008
by Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo
Pounding, pounding and pounding at the turning of the clock. Pounding, pounding and pounding the quiet of the night cries. Pounding, pounding and pounding the breathing is heavy and plentiful with the pounding, pounding and pounding: an...

Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women (Opinions) 22-03-2006
By Isata Mansaray 17 Years old - 2nd Prize- TIG Sierra Leone Essay Contest Do you think the MDGs will be achieved and what will be the role of youths in their achievement? MDG Goal #3: Promote gender equality and empower women - Eliminate...

Safe sex is great sex, prevention is the key (Short Story) 9-05-2010
by ksfeg
Picture, "AIDS Awareness in a child's point of view," by Rajendra B Surlekar Pregnancy is a wonderful gift, as good as sex, but both can also be your worst nightmare. Getting pregnant when you are not ready for it can almost ruin your life....

Sex Education (Opinions) 10-07-2006
Sex education, sometimes called sexuality education or sex and relationships education, is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy. Education on reproduction...

Sex in Today's Society for young women (Opinions) 2-06-2003
by Kasey Young
Teen sexuality integration into our society continue to grow every day. Teenagers find it all in fun and having a good time, but what they're unaware of is that there are major consequences for the deed. HIV, Herpes pregnancy, those are just...

Sex of Society (Opinions) 5-02-2002
by Shalini Dharna
sex sex sex sex sex... everywhere you look, there it is. Especially in television. Can you honestly think of a popular show that does not have sex in it?! I can't... and that scares me. Have we lost all sense of entertainment that we cannot live...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Including HIV/AIDS (Opinions) 10-05-2004
by Ademilua Segun
Sexually transmitted diseases STDs are diseases that can spread from one person to another by sexual contact. STDs can cause pain, and some can cause death if not treated, some common curable STDs are gonorrhoea, Trichomoniasis, Chlamydia and...

STIs among indigenous Australians (Opinions) 15-10-2009
by E. Chock
The indigenous people make up to about 2.5% of the general population in Australia. Most Australians may enjoy easy access to health care but the same cannot be said about the rural indigenous population. According to the Australia-New Zealand...

Teenage Pregnancy and Development (Opinions) 10-08-2007
Many third world countries are swimming in the pool of poverty without knowing what to do or how to come out of it. Some heads of state both present and the past have tackled the root of poverty or they have lost sight of it. One of the major...

The African Youth (Poetry) 22-06-2009
by Ezembamalu Chukwudimma
Troubled on every side Beaten by the rain, scorched by the sun Struggling for survival Trying to make ends meet Uninformed, the cycle becomes vicious Mistakes are made Unplanned pregnancies, hasty marriages Issues arrive Joy dwindles...

The Issue of Homosexuality (Opinions) 30-05-2002
by ana g
I vividly recall my "crushes" on the various behaviorally-challenged male monsters at my elementary school. Up until about 5th grade we were virtually inseparable, as I opted out of the seemingly mindless gossiping and instead, channeled my energy...

The Virgin Prostitute (Poetry) 8-04-2008
by Remish Gasiano
Cry foul, Oh you who sit in the shed, By the roadside in the day time, And watch them pass, covered in shame, All running to have a piece of her To pound her virgin bosom Till she feels the pain. They invite their friends into her inner...

This is no Fly-by Play, Face it or Wither (Opinions) 8-02-2008
by Mbũrũ Kamau
Anastaciah (not her real name) is sixteen, but she knows much more than some people older than her. At her age, she should be in high school like her age-mates. Instead, she spends most of her day sleeping, only to wake up later in the evening for...

Women and Motherhood (Opinions) 6-09-2008
by Vittal Koppal
Motherhood is a great moment in women's life. Women by birth have "Motherhood" qualities. It is in her DNA. Consider woman as the embodiment of the Mother Earth; "Earth is one, whereas seeds are many." This has been the basic building block of...

Zip up (Poetry) 11-01-2010
by Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi
You felt my presence and loved the essence. You asked for fun I had to run. I felt into sadness as I felt your absence, it caused depression but i found protection. Abstinence to the core. Protection to the core. If we must remain...