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Abstain from meat... let’s go vegetarian! (Opinions) 1-07-2009
by Mike Ssegawa
( Face to Face : picture by Shiv Mogali ) “Animal what?” very many people in Kampala would ask if you put it to them that animals too have rights. “Which rights?” they would quip, but they would have their reasons: everyday, thousands of...

Animal Cruelty (Poetry) 26-09-2007
by Melissa S.
Animals die unable to cry unable to express the pain inside from having their fur torn off their hides the tears we see form i their eyes, that they can't shed, or yell for life. The sick humans who can't see its complete and utter...

Animal rights and human rights: exploring the links (Opinions) 5-07-2009
by Charlotte
( Wild (Portrait of Ruby, the artist's dog) : picture by Carey Charles ) I've been a vegetarian for the better part of ten years now, and for someone who is only 20, that is a long time indeed. At first my choice was a weird cry for attention...

Free (Poetry) 1-06-2009
by Yanan Wang
The clouds above me floated In endless puffs of white, As I dreamed of other worlds, my mind loaded With impatience, the will to take flight. If only I could sprout wings Of feathered white cloth and magical fairy dust powder! I would...

Freedom (Poetry) 21-06-2009
by richa mathur
I never felt this way before I never felt this light-weight before, Like a feather; I am free… Free to fly in this wind, And to cherish being the king pin. I am in love, with the chirping of birds Sky’s painting with black, blue and grey...

Kindness is human (Poetry) 17-06-2009
by Dereje Amera
( Loving and Caring : picture by Krishna Giri ) One is created as human To be kind and good to all. Who created cruel, which comes from inside Making others suffer and think of evil? When living as good is still a choice, Thinking holy...

Nature (Poetry) 14-05-2005
by Henry Rodríguez
Blind before her, blind by not knowing her immense ability of creation. Guard before our steps teaches us to trip to be able to raise us, but many continue blind. The spirit of man should open its heart before her. It should understand it and walk...

Out and about Kitengela: The Maasai livelihoods, livestock and wildlife. (Opinions) 23-04-2007
by .
Seki Solonka has a wind-worn face that bears the mark of the 20 or more years she has been tending livestock. She owns 160 hectares where her 30 head of cattle graze. She also admits to having as many goats as sheep. But asking a Maasai how much...

Pollution (Poetry) 14-12-2009
by Marissa
Pollution is everywhere Killing animals here and there Beauty of the Earth disguised with trash Manifestation of disposal like cigarette ash Why is pollution so easy Like making macaroni and cheesy Clean up after yourselves; don't be lazy...