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by Yanan Wang, Canada Jun 1, 2009
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict , Animal Rights   Poetry


The clouds above me floated
In endless puffs of white,
As I dreamed of other worlds, my mind loaded
With impatience, the will to take flight.

If only I could sprout wings
Of feathered white cloth and magical fairy dust powder!
I would smell, see, and taste such different things,
My heartbeats are growing faster and louder.

The other realm, beyond the great blue
Would contain no barriers or limits—
Just the sweet scent of freedom for me and you.
No sound of gunpowder, fights, or riots.

I’d wander round this bizarre and odd new place
With a smile upon my lips.
The fresh breeze around me fluttering in gentle embrace,
As my mind did little flips.

For my heart’s greatest desire,
Is to be like a bird, flying cheerful and free!
As long as I’m breathing, I will never tire
Of the jubilant sensation of liberty.



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Yanan Wang

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