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Brand Effect (Opinions) 17-06-2009
by anshumali
Human intellectuality is ever expanding. Our advancement depends upon our continuous interpretation of our surroundings. This is an attempt to comprehend the mental construction of “Brands “and not to define good or bad, which I believe is...

Il suffit d’un peu… (Poetry) 20-02-2006
by Slim MENZLI
Un grand piano blanc Tout blanc sur une plage Pleine de couleur et de lumière Il y a la mer devant Toute bleue toute belle Une légère brise matinale caresse vos joues Vous sentez le parfum des oranges et des coquilles Faites le plein...

internet fraud (Opinions) 3-11-2008
by Biodun Uthman
The arrival of the Worldwide Web in the late '80s as a means of communication was welcomed with wild jubilation. That one can globally communicate electronically and within seconds get a reply or instant response was, to many, the eleventh wonder....

A Day in Shillong (Short Story) 12-09-2006
by Phrangkupar Kharbamon
My name is Phrangkupar (in my language it means, the Usher of Luck). Not many can really pronounce it, hence Frank has become my nickname. My hometown is Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya a state in the north east of India. We’re a tribe called...

An ode to my aged pen (Poetry) 27-08-2008
by Toyin Sanwo
A light of the ages, The favourite of the muses, Mightier than Excalibur Is my poetic sceptre. Dig deep into artistic dungeons And unlock the wits of ages; Reveal to the world mysteries And lead me to palaces. Dumb shall I be Without...

Blind Adoption of Foreign Languages in Africa Could Kill Traditional Dialects (Opinions) 10-11-2005
by Antony Felix O. O. Simbowo
Aboriginal parlance and lingo in Africa and the Third World is faced with extinction. In a crass willing-buyer-aggressive-seller basis, the Third World is trading its local languages and dialects for French, English and the like in a...

Language Genocide (Opinions) 22-01-2004
by Vibek Raj Maurya
Expression is an exclusive human attribute. No other life form has been able to express abstract concepts and thoughts as humans. Language is the foundation of every culture. People invariably depend upon it for the use and transmission of the...

Language Respect (Opinions) 3-05-2011
by Lavinia Loredana Spargo
It's fair to say that the arena of language is a wild place to be. Languages are in a constant battle for survival and supremacy. They intermingle, assimilate, fuse, annihilate each other, yet no one is ever left language-less. With...

Languages in the Information Era (Opinions) 31-05-2004
[ View this article in French ] A language is before all a means of communication between individuals of the same population or the same race. Men started to express themselves with signs and illustrations on the walls of the caves, then the...

Living Languages (Opinions) 31-05-2004
by Martín Miguel Arias
[ View this article in Spanish ] We can define a Language as: “The expression of a culture, a means of communication; language is an instrument serving the community which uses it; always evolving”. (UNESCO) In the month of Living...

Meet: Amanda (Interviews) 30-09-2009
by Chiara Camponeschi
Amanda is a young volunteer from Brazil with a passion for making connections and making a difference. She has been a member of the TakingITGlobal community since 2007 and you can read more about her here 1. Can you tell us a bit about...

Meet: Debashree (Interviews) 30-09-2009
by Chiara Camponeschi
Debashree describes herself as a " whimsical nomad, set off to revolutionize the earth." She has a passion for social change and is an indefatigable promoter of Bengali language and culture on TakingITGlobal. Bengali is one of the languages that...

Meet: Mariel (Interviews) 30-09-2009
by Chiara Camponeschi
Mariel is a TakingITGlobal volunteer whose passion and enthusiasm are truly contagious! She was a volunteer Community Animator for TIG's Youth Media Exchange platform (www.ymex.org) and is now involved with our Spanish team! Get to know Mariel...

Meet: Teresa (Interviews) 30-09-2009
by Chiara Camponeschi
Teresa was, until recently, TakingITGlobal's Chinese Language & Engagement Coordinator. I had the pleasure of working with her over the past six months and getting to know her and the team a little better. You can get to know her, too, by...

Ne gardez pas votre langue dans votre poche! (Opinions) 3-06-2004
by Keyvan Sayar
Quand j’étais petit, la maîtresse nous disait toujours qu’il fallait apprendre l’anglais, comme ça quand on deviendrait grands on pourrait voyager et découvrir le monde. C’est vrai qu’aujourd’hui cette langue est devenue ce que le latin était il...

Recueil: Ma Propre Mort - Libération - Souvenir Eternel (Poetry) 31-08-2008
by Safa Mahjoub
*Ma propre mort* A toi, âme perdue qui erre sans fin A toi, âme martyrisée qui souffre en douceur A toi, âme meurtrie qui meurt à petit feu Que veux-tu d'une existence sans couleurs? Que désire-tu d'une vie sans vie? Que vois-tu dans ces...

Sever and Strengthen (Opinions) 24-04-2011
by Robbie
Language. The defining mark of humanity. Of cultures; races, thoughts, secrets, news, lies, truth. Language presents itself to us as a necessity, yet at the same time language inherently sequesters and divides humanity. Are we lost in...

The Glory of Language (Opinions) 30-05-2004
by Shahjahan Siraj
A language is not just combination of words or phonetics. It is the history of a tribe or a nation; result of thousand years of experiences, glorious lifestyles, and means of communication as well as the expression of a people’s heart, which...

The Many Dimensions of Language (Opinions) 2-06-2004
by Dumisani Nyoni
How they Affect The Way We Understand and Participate in Our World Introduction One of the most empowering human acts is that of expression; transforming an inner thought, emotion or idea into a form that others can understand and share....

Voices in the Wind - Globalisation and Vanishing Languages (Opinions) 11-07-2005
by Selene Biffi
The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” L. Wittgenstein Imagine living in a world where whatever you say has a meaning for you only, or for just a few others. Now instead imagine living in a world where languages abound, but...

We've All Been Here Before (Poetry) 28-11-2006
by Arome Agamah
1. The newswires light up again With more tales from the Dark Continent again Another tale of yet another ship Falling down in flames from the skies Bringing down some peasants crops And hope of harvest Bringing more stories of denied...