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The Tell Tale Dream Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Miss Ramones, United States Dec 30, 2003
Citizen Journalism   Short Stories


“Ann, why are you always reading?”
“I want to be successful”
“Your mom did not die giving to birth as a girl for you to act as a boy. You are a here as a girl to take care of your family and please men”
“Father, things are changing”
“If you can’t accept your purpose I have no choice"

As he spoke this his voice raising in fury he pulled out a dagger and raised his arm. And suddenly Amy was back staring at Anne who now in the same position her father was in with the knife raised high over her head and with one blow Amy was dead and could see herself on the floor.

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Miss Ramones

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What a creepy story
mayuri | Apr 19th, 2006
Congratulations, Stephanie: I was really scared while reading your story, it is terrific. I find it by mistake, what a lucky break. I have save your story in my PC. Now, I'd like to publish your story in my blog at MSN spaces. Can I do that? I can put a link to your story or website, or both, in my blog. If you are OK with this, send a message to me to Yugislave@aol.com

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