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Avoiding the Hype - Learn How from Liam O Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Heather Girling, Canada Feb 1, 2008
Education , Technology , Globalization , Popular Culture   Interviews


Avoiding the Hype - Learn How from Liam O

When we ask Liam to offer advice for other potential social entrepreneurs, his first response was “to make sure you are involved in something fun and creative, you need to be passionate about what you are doing" If it isn’t fun and bringing you enjoyment he advises against even starting the idea.

With so much on the go, Liam balances his tasks by making a list of things he hopes to accomplish the night before; he says creating a list of all ideas helps him commit to getting those things done the next day. “One key point to always remember is not to stress the things you don’t have control of.” He explains that by letting go of things that he can’t change or complete at that moment allows him to focus on things that he can complete, affording him other successes.

“Getting the site started was a huge step, an achievement, taking that first step really set the play in motion.” Although he has never had financial support to develop this project, Liam says that working with others has been a powerful incentive to work towards his goal. The success of this project can be contributed mostly to word of mouth, talking with others and participating in events within his community both locally and globally. This boost of collaboration builds his confidence to continue his dreams.

Liam suggests, “Have patience and understanding with people you are working with, especially when working with friends. It is almost easier to work with individuals you don’t know because it can be unfair to expect friends to progress at the speed in which you hope to evolve.”

Liam’s biggest challenge thus far has been his technical knowledge, because of this he is constantly working on appropriate time management. However, each experience brings new knowledge and with that Liam has started to develop a strong focus on functionality and tools which online users can interact with for free on Avoid.net. Check out the ‘Pandora Activist Kit', it is an interesting call to action for individuals who are aware or want to be aware of the current dangers we face regarding consumption policies and curbing our false desires and stimulated consumption provoked by advertising.
The hardest and easiest way to affect change is to look in the mirror.

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Writer Profile
Heather Girling

I have been fortunate to have experienced a variety of excellent opportunities such as, working at EMI Music Canada, a recording studio, djing in night clubs in Toronto and Tokyo and participating in photography festivals in Tokyo; but, nothing has been as rewarding as working with youth.
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