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How the Media Affect Us Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Helen, Canada Oct 31, 2002
Citizen Journalism , Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


The media affects us because the media is the only way people know what's going on in the world. People believe the media, even though sometimes the media doesn't speak the truth. Media isn't always correct and fast. The don't usually give people a chance to give out their opinion. The media don't tell the truth about their stories either to make it more interesting or to protect someone. Especially during war because they want to make sure the people in their country hear the good news. Media is against youth all the time, they tell adults that youth are just a bounch of troublemakers that have no interest. Especially they never give a chance to youth to give their opinion.
The media is biased all the time, a good example would be the events on Sept. 11th , 2001. How did the media know that was Bin Laden? How did they know he was in Afghanistan? If it is, then why would he do that? Why did the Americans declair war on Afghanistan in just 1 month after? Why do people believe the media? The media uses its power as the only source of reporters on Earth, if there were another source of report, people wouldn't just believe everything they see on TV, read on newspaper, listen from the radio and so on. People wouldn't jump to conclusions without the media. Instead we would look at both sources.
So, let's get together and do something about the media. Or, do you want the media to take over?



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Great Article
Angel | Nov 1st, 2002
Helen, your article was very interesting and very smart.But consider revising (spelling mistakes)I think that alot of of people will be inspired I know i am. write some more please! Bye!

Saad | Nov 5th, 2002
too much mistake!

Saad | Nov 5th, 2002

What I think...
Kiefer | Nov 5th, 2002
I agree with what you think. You got a point there. That big yellow board in my classroom proves it. Some people think kids are stupid.(advertisers) The media should be dealt with. By the way, consider revising your work.

What I think...
Pooja | Nov 8th, 2002
I think your article is great.

Sweetie | Apr 4th, 2003
i love your article very powerful i just think you could've looked over it more carefully and so does everyone else here

media bias
neema mbeyu | Jun 13th, 2003
I think our minds think alike,I myself am thinking on the same broad of line. sometimes during war they say it epends wit the propaganda or bureacracy/policies of a certain media house,but still the people need to hear the hard truth of what is happening not pampering all the time of that everything is undercontrol and good. In real sense for example in my country ,Kenya,the media does not give the youth as much airtime as possible,and if it does it usually potrays the negative side of us e.g drug abuse,the way we are hooked up on alcohol or demonstarting on streets.I feel its a high time the media should look upon us as responsible citizens and people who are working for the benefit of social,economic,political,environment development of our countries.we need to put some pressures on the current media systems and the find a way whereby they would produce the real picture of us"youth".

john garnett | Aug 30th, 2003
right on helen never mind what they say about editing of your article. the message is the most impotant part the press do not crtisize enough about the policys& crimes of big busineses mainly because of the policys of the owners of the networks.

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