by Helen Fu
Published on: Oct 31, 2002
Type: Opinions

The media affects us because the media is the only way people know what's going on in the world. People believe the media, even though sometimes the media doesn't speak the truth. Media isn't always correct and fast. The don't usually give people a chance to give out their opinion. The media don't tell the truth about their stories either to make it more interesting or to protect someone. Especially during war because they want to make sure the people in their country hear the good news. Media is against youth all the time, they tell adults that youth are just a bounch of troublemakers that have no interest. Especially they never give a chance to youth to give their opinion.
The media is biased all the time, a good example would be the events on Sept. 11th , 2001. How did the media know that was Bin Laden? How did they know he was in Afghanistan? If it is, then why would he do that? Why did the Americans declair war on Afghanistan in just 1 month after? Why do people believe the media? The media uses its power as the only source of reporters on Earth, if there were another source of report, people wouldn't just believe everything they see on TV, read on newspaper, listen from the radio and so on. People wouldn't jump to conclusions without the media. Instead we would look at both sources.
So, let's get together and do something about the media. Or, do you want the media to take over?

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