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Losing You Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Jacob Baiden Odame, Ghana Nov 4, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


I should have said it
That you were exquisite
I should have been bold
And not to withhold the love
Which I have always craved
For you, yes only you.

You appeared to be a sister
But deep inside you were a lover
I wanted us to be together
Clinging to each other forever
But I have realised my biggest mistake
And this to heart I will always take
That I should have expressed my love For you, yes only you.

I focused on achievement
Before Commitment
Personal development
Before engagement
But I have come to know
And this is my biggest- hit blow
That I should have worked out love
From beneath and not at the top
For you, yes only you.

Too long we have tarried
But now you are getting married
All I can do is to give you my blessing
For your pending wedding
I wish you all the best
And pray you find comfort and rest
In the bosom of your husband
Although this is no game
I take upon me all the blame
That losing you is because
I failed to express my love
For you, yes only you.

“If you love someone, please express it."



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Writer Profile
Jacob Baiden Odame

I am Jacob Baiden Odame. I am a student of the University of Ghana in West Africa. I read Economics and Computer Science. I really love youth issues and I am looking for more opportunity to be more involved, especially in TakingITGlobal. Although I am not a literature student I really love writing and reading very much. I particularly love poems because although they may be short, they convey useful information in plain simple language. Among my cherished writers are William Shakespeare and Kofi Awoonor.

Sarah | Mar 9th, 2006
I find this poem to be true. Lately I have really been questioning the importance of expressing one's thoughts and feelings. Even though it is sometimes hard to put feelings into words, it is worth the struggle and the risk. Fear is something that can capture us if we let it. Openess and willingness to be honest with yourself and with those you love is so important. If not now, when?

Odimegwu Onwumere | Sep 24th, 2007
hello, here explicates the old used phrase, "procastination is dangerous".

jean celeste paredes | Oct 26th, 2007
yes, though you may be rejected in the end at least you will not leave in what if's and if only's... but what could be worst than unrequited love..it hurts though (",)

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