by Jacob Baiden Odame
Published on: Nov 4, 2005
Type: Poetry

I should have said it
That you were exquisite
I should have been bold
And not to withhold the love
Which I have always craved
For you, yes only you.

You appeared to be a sister
But deep inside you were a lover
I wanted us to be together
Clinging to each other forever
But I have realised my biggest mistake
And this to heart I will always take
That I should have expressed my love For you, yes only you.

I focused on achievement
Before Commitment
Personal development
Before engagement
But I have come to know
And this is my biggest- hit blow
That I should have worked out love
From beneath and not at the top
For you, yes only you.

Too long we have tarried
But now you are getting married
All I can do is to give you my blessing
For your pending wedding
I wish you all the best
And pray you find comfort and rest
In the bosom of your husband
Although this is no game
I take upon me all the blame
That losing you is because
I failed to express my love
For you, yes only you.

“If you love someone, please express it."

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