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Entrevista con un Artista: Kouji Oshiro Kochi Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Damian Profeta, Argentina Jul 27, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Interviews


Entrevista con un Artista: Kouji Oshiro Kochi
DP: If you could name a famous artist (or artists) as an influence, who would that be and why?

KOK: I like very much Dalí and Giger. Their paintings are wonderful. Each time I see them, I got admired by their fantastic creativity.

DP: Do you have a favorite piece of artwork, or a favorite artist in the Global Gallery?

KOK: I like Scott Donohue’s work.
[http://gallery.takingitglobal.org/Donohue20]. His work is original and visionary.

DP: Five years have past, and we hope many more are to come. And so, we are interested in knowing where our members would like to see TakingITGlobal five years from now. What are your thoughts?

KOK: I hope TakingITGlobal keeps on growing, increasing headquarters around the world, enlarging the number of members, keeping connection with old members and supporting values, integration and people’s development. I guess I would like to see more partnerships with artists, intellectuals, athletes, philanthropists and institutions related with development, so as to coordinate events that express encouraging messages.

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Writer Profile
Damian Profeta

Damián Profeta. Argentino. Contradictorio. Pesimista sin darse por vencido. Desordenado. Ingenuo. Tímido, reflexivo y silencioso. Torpe. Entre su gusto por la política y su necesidad de poesía. Un buscador.
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