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Panorama’s Prolific Wordsmith: An Interview with Henry Ekwuruke Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by C. Gudz, Canada Jul 25, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Interviews
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Panorama’s Prolific Wordsmith: An Interview with Henry Ekwuruke (If not already selected, please choose "All" in the Words Each page dropdown box and click "view" to activate language translations)

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Profile: Henry Ekwuruke
Active Rank #2
Date Joined: 2003-11-01
Country: Nigeria
Age: 21 (this September)
Did You Know? : Henry has 120 discussion posts, 243 Updates, 37 articles

I got your mail at the right time on a good day. The questions for the interview are good and I will like to inform you that I feel very great and highly honored being interviewed by Panorama and for identifying myself with TakingITGlobal organization. I am Henry Ekwuruke and I have usernames-hekwuruke and ekwuruke respectively.

How did you first hear about TakingITGlobal and what made you decide to become a member?

How I came to hear about TakingITGlobal is diverse and complicated. First I saw TakingITGlobal at the UNICEF Voices of the Youth (VOY) website but did not take it serious, but later came to see it again in Netaid World School House portal. Then I saw and read many things about the organization. Firstly, what made me more interested was the fact that when I typed "www.TakingITGlobal.org" it began by expressing great words such as inspire, inform, involve and those other attributes of the organization, which are in line with what I had anticipated to get from involving myself with any organization. Then I decided to become a member of TakingITGlobal, the organization with a difference!

You have written more articles than any other TIG member - you’ve had to date, 37 articles published in Panorama! What sparks your interest in writing, and what topics do you prefer to write about?

I have 35 articles published in Panorama, that sounds great but I just wanted to express my feelings, take my writings global, take what I do global, be a global contributor and writer. Then I wrote for Panorama and my first article was published, I was very happy and I saw what Nigerians are doing here in TakingITGlobal, we were doing little or nothing here to change our state and the image of the true Nigeria, so I decided to promote my country and everything Africa in the community that has helped me express and take my voice global with my people. I would like to be concise with some of your questions like I mentioned earlier, I will answer all your questions with utmost confidence and sincerity and courage, and without waiving any question. I write from inspiration, direct and indirect thinking, research and sometimes, I write freely without any much thinking or source, yes, it happens. I write on any topic or subject freely and this is a gift that sometimes distinguishes me from most of my peers and people I meet.
I prefer writing on education, politics of progressiveness, African people and cultures, employment, Spirituality (Inspirational) and those articles that promote a course, etc.

From your list of published articles, I’ve noticed that you appear to be comfortable writing in a bunch of different styles. But if asked, what do you have a personal preference for: opinions, interviews, poetry, short stories or other?

You caught me Cheryl, and I must say you are right here. I write in different styles and in different ways so that it will catch the attention and notice of people, also I love diversity and doing things in different ways. You know, I hate one way of doing things. I love to try different ways to achieve success, but I love expressing my views and opinions on any issue and in Poetry my profile can confirm I am Chief, but for preference sake I believe in telling you my stand, that my opinions come first.

Henry, one thing I’ve noticed is that you have many varying interests, such as a faith in God and progressive politics, and I really find that not only interesting but admirable. For example, recently you wrote an article “Feminism: A Worthwhile Fight for Emancipation,” and a few months ago, you wrote a poem called “God’s creation,” two subjects that most writers would stay away from. Can you give us some insight into your world outlook and why it’s important for you to write politically and spiritually?

You can say that again - you admire me for writing on variable interests and subjects. I believe it is common about me, it is me, my life and the way of doing things as I told you before now. I believe in God because he is God and has been helping me in my daily life and I acknowledge Him for that. And on the issue of women’s emancipation, I believe I am alert to gender because of the fact that my Mother is a woman, my wife will be a woman, and I have six sisters, so why wouldn't I advocate for woman? They gave birth to me in this world!

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C. Gudz

This user has not written anything in his panorama profile yet.

One more step!
Yambwa, Nziya Jean-Pierre | Aug 28th, 2005
Dear Ekwuruke, I am impressed by your achievement! 37 articles in five years. My young brother, you are an achiever. Could you compile all the articles, and thematize them for a publication purpose. I mean, you have more than enough materials to make fame. Get published and you will see more coming right at your door. If you want advice or more ideas, let me know. Congratulations.

God is great!
catherine Akubueze | Sep 20th, 2005
Henry! Oh I am so happy to see you in this famous community being interviewed. I am very excited that my own brother is great! Success is our's and praise be to God for everything! I am impressed and will make copies to my friends and collegues at work. Keep the tempo!!! Akii

Proudly Ekwuruke
catherine Akubueze | Sep 20th, 2005
You are a true son of your father and a proud Ekwuruke. Keep it up brother. You know now!

I rate you high!
catherine Akubueze | Sep 20th, 2005
My rating this young promising man high is not because he is my brother, but because achievers and proactiveness must be celebrated and identified and cheered! God bless Nigeria God bless Henry Ekwuruke God bless TakingITGlobal and my self!

You're great, Henry! I celebrate your intellect. I am a writer, too.You've really inspired me to get my pen on paper more often, especially, on issues that bother on the wellbeing of my community. See U @ the top. Kristie onabtoyin@gmail.com

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