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Panorama’s Prolific Wordsmith: An Interview with Henry Ekwuruke Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by C. Gudz, Canada Jul 25, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Interviews


Panorama’s Prolific Wordsmith: An Interview with Henry Ekwuruke
On the case of writing progressive politics, I am of the view that our politics is far from being what it should be in this world. I say the truth and approach the story the right way, while providing and suggesting solutions to the way forward in getting to the promised land. It became very important that I write political and spiritual articles because the two subjects are inseparable, politics have many things to learn from religion, some morals it teaches in order to sustain our world and make it a habitable place for humankind in the future. It is said that if you have nothing to give to this strange world, leave it as you saw it!

It’s always hard for a writer to do, but can you pick your favorite article and tell us why?

I know my articles and they all took an amount of time to be composed and the right thinking too. Don't see any complicity here. I will say that "Opportunity is a State of Mind" was one of my best or favorite articles. It spoke to me so much, my first thinking on what I believed about opportunity and how I managed to escape the wrong thoughts to forge ahead and achieve total emancipation. I believe and will like to say that when you read this article, you will be touched and challenged to do things which you would not have done ordinarily. Most of the comments I received from people confirmed it, and most magazines and people consulted me to publish it after it was published in Panorama!

Since it is TIG’s 5th birthday, and we are celebrating ours and our members’ achievements, we are interested in knowing your opinion. Where would you like to see TakingITGlobal in 5 years?

TakingITGlobal's 5th birthday - it is quite a great thing that we celebrate now! I see a TIG that is training and equipping the future leaders of our world. TakingITGlobal means many different things to many different people in different locals of the world. It is great deal that TIG does not only take Information Technology global but also take cultures, people and connections global, even articles of mine and others, bridging the digital gap and enhancing opportunities to people while promoting friendship between all people.

In 5 years, I hope to see nothing more than an improved TakingITGlobal, where members would be activated to be active, encouraged to encourage others, inspired to inspire and an informed people that informs their communities. TakingITGlobal is a place where proactiveness will be cherished and celebrated. Let's celebrate our successes and rejoice the more, more and greater success in TIG’s future.



Panorama’s Prolific Wordsmith: Uma entrevista com Henry Ekwuruke

Perfil: Henry Ekwuruke
Rank de Atividade: 2o Lugar
Data de adesão: 01/11/2003
País: Nigéria
Idade: 21 (em Setembro)
Você sabia? : Henry tem 120 posts nos fóruns de discussão, 243 posts, 37 artigos

Consegui seu e-mail na hora certa em um bom dia. As perguntas para a entrevista são boas e eu gostaria de informar que me sinto muito bem e muito honrado em ser entrevistado pela Panorama e por identificar-me com a organização TakingITGlobal. Eu sou Henry Ekwuruke e meus nomes de usuário são hekwuruke e ekwuruke respectivamente.

Como você soube a respeito da TakingITGlobal e o que fez você decidir tornar-se um membro?

Como eu soube sobre a TakingiTGlobal é diverso e complicado. Primeiro eu vi a TakingITGlobal no site Voices of Youth da UNICEF (VOY) mas não levei a sério, mas depois eu a vi de novo no portal Netaid World House.Então eu vi e li muitas coisas sobre a organização. Primeiramente, o que interessou mais foi de que quando eu digitei www.TakingITGlobal.org começaram a aparecer palavras como inspirar, informar, envolver e outros atributos da organização, que se alinhavam com o que eu esperava se me envolvesse com qualquer organização. Então eu decide tornar-me um membro da TakingITGlobal, a organização com um diferencial!

Você escreveu mais artigos que qualquer outro membro TIG – você tem, até agora, 37 artigos publicados na Panorama! O que ressalta seu interesse em escrever e de quais tópicos você prefere tratar?

Eu tenho 35 artigos publicados na Panorama, o que parece ótimo, mas eu só quero expressar meus sentimentos, mostrar ao mundo o que eu escrevo e o que eu faço, ser um colaborador e um escritor global. Então eu escrevi para a Panorama e meu primeiro artigo foi publicado; fiquei muito feliz e procurei saber o que os Nigerianos estavam fazendo na TIG, que era pouco ou quase nada, para mudar a imagem real da Nigéria. Então decidi promover meu país e tudo sobre a África dentro da comunidade, o que me ajudou a expressar-me e levar ao nível global a minha voz e a voz do meu povo. Eu gostaria de ser conciso com algumas das questões como mencionei antes, eu responderei todas as suas perguntas com a maior confidência, sinceridade e coragem, e sem abandonar nenhuma questão. Eu escrevo através de inspiração, de pensamento direto e indireto, de pesquisa e, algumas vezes, escrevo livremente sem muitas fontes ou muita reflexão. Eu escrevo sobre qualquer tópico ou assunto livremente e isso é um presente quem muitas vezes me diferencia de muitas pessoas que eu conheço.


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C. Gudz

This user has not written anything in his panorama profile yet.

One more step!
Yambwa, Nziya Jean-Pierre | Aug 28th, 2005
Dear Ekwuruke, I am impressed by your achievement! 37 articles in five years. My young brother, you are an achiever. Could you compile all the articles, and thematize them for a publication purpose. I mean, you have more than enough materials to make fame. Get published and you will see more coming right at your door. If you want advice or more ideas, let me know. Congratulations.

God is great!
catherine Akubueze | Sep 20th, 2005
Henry! Oh I am so happy to see you in this famous community being interviewed. I am very excited that my own brother is great! Success is our's and praise be to God for everything! I am impressed and will make copies to my friends and collegues at work. Keep the tempo!!! Akii

Proudly Ekwuruke
catherine Akubueze | Sep 20th, 2005
You are a true son of your father and a proud Ekwuruke. Keep it up brother. You know now!

I rate you high!
catherine Akubueze | Sep 20th, 2005
My rating this young promising man high is not because he is my brother, but because achievers and proactiveness must be celebrated and identified and cheered! God bless Nigeria God bless Henry Ekwuruke God bless TakingITGlobal and my self!

You're great, Henry! I celebrate your intellect. I am a writer, too.You've really inspired me to get my pen on paper more often, especially, on issues that bother on the wellbeing of my community. See U @ the top. Kristie onabtoyin@gmail.com

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