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Modernism Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by AJI JAMES, Cameroon Aug 5, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Modernism No more traditional robes,
No more traditional caps,
But mini-skirts, shabas, suits…

Local nutritious drinks have been abandoned.
Whisky, beer, champagne, brandy, have been embraced.

No more respect for the village chief,
No more respect for the village medicine man,
All respect is for film stars, musicians, footballers…

Traditional music has been neglected,
Its dancing steps have been relegated.
Disco, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Funk, groin to groin
And shoulder to shoulder dancing
Are now the order of the day.

Honesty, kindness, generosity, faithfulness,
Have all been thrown to the dogs.

Incest, murder, rape, fratricide, solicitousness,
And other felonies are now habitual.

With pain and regret,
I look longingly back at the old days.



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Writer Profile

I developed an interest in writing in primary school, where writing and documenting the stories that were told in the evenings when the family gathered around the fireside was a hobby.
This interest increased when I travelled to Nigeria for university studies. My thoughts found a way of expression through poetry, which I had hitherto thought very complicated.
I presently have over fifty poems, a little below twenty short stories, and several articles on diverse social issues.

it's alright, but not quite right
truth is, change is obviously inevitable, and not everything is as bad as u say it is; truth is transparency is most sought for, not routines, tradition, and doctrines...kindness that our ancestors forgot to inculcate into some us has ruined things a bit, but everyone still is responsible for himself. truth is, you would'nt want to be back in time when opressive traditions took away our liberty, with our morals, and mannerisms patterned after meaningless monumantal physical patterns, which cannot be applied in the same physical way to our present day global society-essence, and true dignity has been lost, joy and emotional security are scarce, try patience-oh i forgot, it's been hurried by many times, and remains unnoticed, so brother, express the feelings and essence of bliss, peace, and love that has been lost and taken for granted, not some respect to cheifs, and governmental systems of the past, or dances of the future, we need truth expressed freely, and we should be comfortable with it all.

olawale | Oct 20th, 2004
short,curt and succint. i prob. never read a shorter poem. but u shd know change is inevitable but its not all gone. there still are people who keep the tradition.

You have created intellectual proeprty
Prince Saud Ben Abdulaziz | Nov 14th, 2004
Exceptional insights compressing push and pull, expand and contract, displace and replace existence in all cultures(eastern/western; spiritualisic/matrialistic etc.). Did you copy right your writing to officially show you wrote and own it and that it may be read for a fee(money) at other web sites? Will you consider including photographs to dispaly proof of what you have obsreved. An introduction to critical thinking if you include comments written in response?

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