Published on: Aug 5, 2004
Type: Poetry

No more traditional robes,
No more traditional caps,
But mini-skirts, shabas, suits…

Local nutritious drinks have been abandoned.
Whisky, beer, champagne, brandy, have been embraced.

No more respect for the village chief,
No more respect for the village medicine man,
All respect is for film stars, musicians, footballers…

Traditional music has been neglected,
Its dancing steps have been relegated.
Disco, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Funk, groin to groin
And shoulder to shoulder dancing
Are now the order of the day.

Honesty, kindness, generosity, faithfulness,
Have all been thrown to the dogs.

Incest, murder, rape, fratricide, solicitousness,
And other felonies are now habitual.

With pain and regret,
I look longingly back at the old days.

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