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Letter to the youth Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mike, Uganda Jul 24, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions
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I have watched again and again, Martin Mwangi’s drama, ‘The Youth Minister’. Each time I do, I develop new insights. In the drama, he poses questions about the world of youth and the many people fearing to go near your age group (youth). You, young people are feared, sidelined and called names. Many of course are not of promise but coined with irony. Therefore, even the few people who want to work with you are pocked sticks from their backs with words of discouragement. If adults cut themselves off from you, to whom are they leaving this planet?

In the drama, is a young man, passionate to bring about the best from his fellow youth, but he finds himself all alone, without support from his community, let alone his father who showers him with insults, abuses, and other words of discouragement. He is swayed and gives in to the prophet of doom in the person of his father. The shadow of negativity falls on his eyes, he begins to see prostitutes, drug addicts, and alcoholics. His father becomes a prophet. Both they exclaim, “This is a doomed generation.” As I move my eyes around the audience (majority adults), and open my ears sharp, I see and hear people in the hall laughing and see their mouths wide open. I get surprised at what they are laughing at. I am shocked and my stomach aches. This is not laughable matter. Evil overtaking good isn't a laughing stock.

The world presents to you two faces. The face of celebrities, shoppers, executives, goodwill ambassadors, name them and the face of street children, hungry children and women, wars, diseases... the list is endless. All of us want to belong to the former and we shun the latter, both in waking and dreaming states. But, do you fear to associate with the less advantaged? And all time do you pray to belong and work with face A citizens? Young person, Watch out for you fears, many times we are what we fear! But I have faith in you. I know, you were born and live in the hopeful generation. In fact, the most blessed among generations ever been. That is why you should join the team of the people who would want to reverse the state of the second class citizens. God decreed that you would live at this particular moment in history and he gave you a gift of life knowing that you have something to enrich the world with. But also, you have the potential to make the world worse. In each person are seeds for an angel and a devil. You choose to be either. That power you have and it lies in your free choices. I agree with Martin that there were and still are doomed generations but also I know that there two types of generations. The doomed and the bloomed. The bloomed are angelic, and the doomed devilish. Which one do you prefer to belong to?

Join Winners Squad

If you choose to belong to the bloomed generation, you become hopeful, motivated, focused, enthusiastic and confident that the world smiles at you. You count your blessings. Your world is full of opportunities and possibilities. Your weaknesses become strengths and opposition is a test of your character, therefore a way to grow; the more the opposition, the more interesting the game becomes. You do your best to become a better person everyday. You are committed to fulfilling your daily duties. By planning carefully your life, you start to contribute meaningfully to the development of your community, your society. You are or will become significant people if you lay with the bloomers' team. You are the type, the character people admire and want to associate with. Even your enemies are so become they envy you. Do you already belong to this team? And if not, labour to join their squad; the mother Theresa, the John Paul II, the Nelson Mandela, the Kofi Annan, the Dalai Lama, and now yourself. You are winners because you want to make a difference in the world, so you offer all you have to realize those dreams.

It takes something to belong to this squad. Stephen Covey in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People mentions some of them. Read the book if you find it, it is worthy your money. I will emphasize only three patterns he gives mention. Right from the start, make sure your goals in life a clear and if you cannot decide, seek advice, rather guidance from an experienced person. Covey called that to Begin with the end in mind. Once you have a goal, it will be easier to identify the means to reach your dreams.

Put first things first. What retards many hopeful young people like you, is the disease of procrastination. What you can do today, why wait till tomorrow? Never ever leave any job pending at your desk if you have the time and resources to finish it up. This has been a danger for many failed people; trying to beat deadlines. So they suffer from ulcers, stress, heart attack, high blood pressure/sugars, et al. You think I'm wrong, check their schedules. In doing urgent things, you will always be beating deadlines and you will miss out the chance to fulfil important things in life. So do important things before they become urgent.

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Writer Profile

Mike Ssegawa
A Journalist with Daily Monitor, Uganda. I have a passion for development, especially for the youth.

محمد نعيم مطر | Sep 20th, 2008
أوغندا Her wonderful brother It all developed by the same route through which achieve his dreams will not find any obstacle to long worked hard to become important person or a creative person Do you have the ability to make the world worse as long as you have chosen to be the devil does not deserve to live or if you chose to be the devil and angel your intention I agree with you Mohamed Matter

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