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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
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by kaboyo julius, Rwanda Oct 20, 2008
Religious Freedom , Human Rights  


What offense have we committed?
We are born prematurely,
Wailing in agony, blind and mute,
Hearing that which we can't comprehend,
Visualizing that which we cannot see,
Guilty of sins not committed.
Why then do we live?

We sprout amidst thorns,
Our bodies pierced to pieces;
Wander around the world,
Yet find no nest in which to rest.
We hatch on the naked ground-
Vulnerable to heaven’s fires and sea breezes.
We try to get acclimatised,
But only suffer more.
Why then live?

We die violent deaths
And bequeath to our offspring our blood.
So the lineage continues:
Murder, prostitution, defecating babies in dustbins-
And then pretentious repentance.

Since our birth is an ordeal ordained for us,
Why live?



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Writer Profile
kaboyo julius

My name is Kaboyo Julius from Uganda, Kabarole district, Tooro kingdom, in the western part of the country.

Currently, I am a teacher of English language, Literature in English, and Psychology at Sunrise High school in Rwanda. I like writing things that will change the world since I feel this world is not the place it should be.

As a person who studied psychology and literature, I like to check people's minds and what they think, whether it reflects what they believe in. This makes most of my writing seem emotional if I am right about my writings.

R Kahendi | Dec 12th, 2008
Wow! Powerful message. You're good.

Juan Perez | Dec 12th, 2008
hi, im a mexican , i read your poem its so sinceer, thanks for posting this, its undescribable.

Henry Ekwuruke | Dec 13th, 2008
inspiring!!! i like the spirit. why?

A question...
Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Feb 2nd, 2009
You're inspiring is undeniable... but "why" will always remain a singular question with plural answers... But you're a good poet I must say.

kaboyo julius | Feb 8th, 2014
Thanks all for your encouraging comments. Juan Perez, my poems come from my heart.

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