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New Possibilities Emerge ... (Poetry) 28-11-2006
by Adriana Sassoon
Possibilities emerge when we earnestly search for what is hindering our destiny to flow naturally. There are times when it seems that we are going round and round in circles about the same situation and our horizon shows no perspective...

"Without Punctuation" (Short Story) 22-10-2006
by aGn
she haunts you in your dreams she carves out a space for herself in the midst of your chaos she is the definition the temptation the degradation the reclassification the totality of everything you cannot be you wait for her in the dark you wipe...

A Physis, princípio fundamental de tudo que existe. (Opinions) 9-12-2007
by Efraim Batista de Souza Neto
Os físicos pré-socráticos investigaram a causa fundamental de todas as coisas pela razão, sem recorrer aos mitos; tentaram introduzir uma ordem para entender o mundo (a ordem como forma de unidade) e reduzir tudo a um princípio fundamental, do...

After a Sermon (Poetry) 4-04-2007
[Who Am I?] PART I One cold and bleak a day- Yes, it was my saddest morning- That happens to be a Sunday, I walked out, lonely, yawning And sorrowing, all the way. My life was that of ants: Scavenging where there’s a remains. My...

As I Awaited the Arc (Poetry) 22-06-2004
by Nima Shirali
As I awaited an end to the seemingly endless, I realized an inevitability. In fact, I realized it was inevitable for me to come to this realization. It was not “reality”, nor was it a “vision”. It was an unavoidable “truth”. I could not elude it...

Be Still and Know (Poetry) 30-08-2007
by Nosipho Dhladhla
Be still and know that I am God, that I am God Almighty, the true God, the God of Life. Have no other God but me. Wait on Me (God), and let Me reveal Myself unto thee, that thee may walk through life, light shining, hearts touched,...

Beautiful Cadaver (Poetry) 2-09-2004
by Mary
A tempest poised on clouds of battleship grey, She lays sprawled out on the inclement ground And awaits his arrival to merely find a lovely Face declined beneath decay. Not a tinge of affliction befalls her. Contorted with such grace is she,...

Christmas and New Year Celebrations: How Significant? (Opinions) 13-01-2004
by Kevin M
I remember vividly as if it were yesterday when I was only a little boy; I looked forward to Christmas and New Year holidays with an air of relief, satisfaction and relaxation. Relief, because I had the rare chance of putting a pause to the hectic...

Cults: Idealism or Insanity? (Opinions) 31-12-2003
by Nandita Saikia
Most of us harbor Utopian desires despite reading of the negative Utopia of George Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'. And that being so, shutting the door on someone who offers us the opportunity to realize idealistic dreams and desires in an often...

God Believes in You (Poetry) 6-11-2008
by Ositadimma Amakeze
When the early cock crows at dawn And you wake in the miracle of rising Because you believe in life everlasting Raise your hands up and praise the lord For God does believe more in you He hopes in the fruits of your life So he gives you a...

God Is Not A Lie (Poetry) 7-08-2008
by Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo
No one saw the beginning But everyone believes that There was, and still is a beginning. Only a master beginner can Push forward into a start. From where God dwells, He started it, putting time And the seasons into place. The...

Gold (Poetry) 3-08-2008
by Robert Alan Rowley
A group of monks in far away Tibet, the story's told, Each day made themselves ready Buddha's likeness to behold. It was the one possession they most treasured in this life, For it was finely made by loving hands, of purest gold. They...

I am he (Poetry) 26-10-2008
by Ola'lekan Babatunde
I am he. Hey! I am he. Enmeshed in Him; Him that was, yea that is, Loo, that will. Hey! I am he. His creativity exhumed me, By a speck of His breath I was released. Hey! I am he. Encrypted by Him and after Him. Don't you see? Ki...

I need You (Poetry) 21-10-2007
by Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri
Without love, friendship, conscience And mutual respect. See, we're nothing but beasts, Ruled and driven by evil instincts. There's a war in my members, I'm trapped between these members. One really looks actual and factual; Other...

I said a prayer for you (Poetry) 25-01-2008
by Awa Innocent Ndah
Christmas is remembered for the joy it brings, The blessings and beauty of a king among kings And the soothing and harmonious bells that it rings. At the beginning of another promising year, Your will to live and confront deters without...

If I must live (Poetry) 22-08-2008
by Isong
If I must live Then I must live to die. For if I bid bye to dying then I’ll be lying and dying. For to live truly is to die, then at death the true life is lived. A true life is not by duration measured, but by impact gathered that...

If You can use anything, Lord, use me (Opinions) 12-04-2008
by Barr. Stephen Edetanlen
In a great household, there are many vessels; some are to honour and some are vessels of dishonour. We know this, and the Bible says so. The question is: which vessel are you? There are many ways we can examine ourselves to find out what vessel we...

Jerusalem (Poetry) 29-04-2008
by Samuel-Malachi Odekunle
Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem Thy walls shall hold thee strong thou sweat with the blood Of saint and foe Thy tears are the cries of the innocent cold Thy years are long Like an ancient song Unending melodies Thy heart has strung I hear your...

Just chillin' (Poetry) 31-01-2009
by Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri
Just chillin’ Like an angel from the sky. Cool guy! I so love this brother: Mine from another mother! If he were a girl, I'd kiss, But he’s a boy, so instead I say bliss! Our Figo himself! He’s learnt to be himself. Though he be in the...

Just my thoughts... (Opinions) 1-04-2008
by Nekesah
The other day I sat down and thought to myself about how people become IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). No, it was not that I want them to be displaced, but the most amazing thought came into mind while I was in church. (Yes, I was in church...

Love, Oh! Love (Poetry) 1-02-2009
by EUCHARIA IGWe Nee-Chukwuma
Love, oh! Love We all invoke your name time after time We all claim to know or have you at some point What are you exactly? Just a feeling or just a word? Only if we always truly mean it, the world will be better Love, oh! Love You are one,...

Perpetual Prayer: a Young Muslim Woman’s Great Journey (Interviews) 21-09-2007
by Marcia C. Schenck
A five year old girl is sitting, her head bent over a piece of wood, concentrating on a verse from the Qur'an at five o’clock in the morning. When the strict, old Imam with his long stick calls her name, his hands relax; he knows Basma* is one of...

Raising good children (Opinions) 8-05-2008
The keys to raising good children Children are gift from God to their parent and gift from their parents to the world. Isaiah 8:18 states “I and the children the Lord has given to me have names that reveal plans the Lord Almighty has for His...

Receiving Stations (Opinions) 6-01-2004
by Abongta Shu Moncha Brain
One’s life is a gigantic role-plying episode. At any one time in life, we are playing or assuming a particular role. How well and successful we sail through the hurdles of this life depends then on how well we play our roles along the line. For...

religions (Short Story) 27-05-2005
by Roustam Tochmatov
Религия трёх народов мира Буддизм.Христианство.Ислам. Все религии опасаются смерти, но немногие из них рассматривают её как природную необходимость.Иудейская история об Адам и Еве находим причины смерти в акте их непослушания и...

Religious Intolerance and its Adverse Implications (Opinions) 28-09-2003
by Enefe,
To say that man’s inability to tolerate another man’s own belief has hampered his elevation in general cannot be over-stated. To have a clearer understanding of religious intolerance, defining it should give us a clear vision of its effects....

Should I? (Poetry) 24-01-2008
by Johnson Kayode Jedidiah
Should I say words fail my expression Like when Paul was caught up to paradise? @ first I thought it was lust, But the closer i get to U The more I believe this is real. Feelings are fickle, that U know, So I don't expect only emotions...

Sons and daughters of perdition (Opinions) 23-07-2008
by Roderick R. Mckenzie Sr.
The word “perdition” is defined in the Webster’s New World Dictionary, fourth edition, as Hell, or the loss of one’s soul- in other words, persons whose souls are destined for Hell or who have fallen into the pathway of damnation, by going...

The Big Kuya Project (Opinions) 6-03-2008
by Rotaract Club of Manila Metro
The Big Kuya Project ( Kuya means Brother) of our club started in December 2006; it was then a one day activity where we gave a feeding program to the children of Sitio Kabulusan, a small community in Muntinlupa City, Philippines. Back then, we...

The Church and AIDS (Opinions) 1-12-2008
by Thuputu Nyekha
Today is "World Aids Day", 1st December, 2008. For the sake of commemorating this important day, I propose the popular slogan "Know AIDS for no AIDS," especially on the topic, the Church and AIDS. I attended the funeral service of an...

The day I became a Mamiwata (Short Story) 1-02-2009
by EUCHARIA IGWe Nee-Chukwuma
My big brother Iyke landed that hot, Saturday afternoon full of stories and pictures from his overseas travels. We devoured the stories like food. My mother was extremely happy to see her long lost son. For a while, none of us had known his...

The day my father laughed as I spoke those words (Poetry) 11-03-2008
by Daniel Nuxe Thomas
So gloomy were the nights and grey the afternoons when my Father was sad. Bloody the streets became when His children no longer sought His counsel. Hatred and murder curdled through the night when my Father was sad. I sat there in the corner...

The Little Dash (Opinions) 30-03-2008
by Remish Gasiano
We were at the burial of our beloved friend and brother who died of AIDS-related illnesses. He was the third person we were burying in just one month. Everyone knew how intelligent he was. And his talent in Soccer was an open secret. He was just...

The Mystery of Mysteries (Poetry) 14-03-2008
by Dereje Amera
In a world where REALITIES are many In one aspect they are true, but in another they are like mirages. When one thinks of them as if one finds the truth They are found to be fake, and are found to be false As TRUTH and HAPPINNESS are two...

The only Truth we have (Poetry) 28-11-2008
by Mohamed Salhi
Don't become suicidal; remember the hereafter. Stand up to wrongdoers like a brave fighter. Allah blessed us by a sacred sheep, not just a BBQ feast, a drink and some sleep. Why the sheep and not Ismael? Why wasn't He a male or female?...

The ubiquity of God (Poetry) 24-01-2008
by Duru Samuel Azubuike
I see God every now and then, There in the soft touch of children; I saw Him in their every mien, Only God gives the rain. I see God in grasses as they grow - He was there in the kaleidoscope of the rainbow. I see God in a peaceful zephyr...

The world of the pending (Poetry) 19-06-2008
by Dereje Amera
Living in a world in which nothing is not nothing, Where one starts something, but ends with many or no things, The process is the envelope and the for title one is told anything; No one has a clue. “It is evolutionary,” Was the reply all...

This life (Poetry) 20-10-2008
by kaboyo julius
What offense have we committed? We are born prematurely, Wailing in agony, blind and mute, Hearing that which we can't comprehend, Visualizing that which we cannot see, Guilty of sins not committed. Why then do we live? We sprout...

Thou peace (Poetry) 26-02-2008
by obare joash
thou, peace, we need of mind soul and surrounding a mind so gentle and cool environment so serene and appealing reminding of times, eternity, of maternity and paternity ties so strong reigning within and among The hearts of all Kenyans...

To her shredded soul (Poetry) 24-01-2008
by Duru Samuel Azubuike
She was pain-racked and dumb As she mined Her oddest ordeal. Black and blue marks all over her waist… The ravish lavished her soul! A gash it was in her conscience; Draconian distortion of her personality! Phobia became her constant...

True love (Poetry) 24-01-2008
by Johnson Kayode Jedidiah
The world is full of wickedness Hostility, hatred, bitterness. And men struggle to get along in life Just for the sake of existence. People endure their relationships Rather than enjoying them. People just tag along And believe that...

What a joy! (Poetry) 24-01-2008
by Johnson Kayode Jedidiah
Efforts are made by men and women all the days of their lives to accomplish their heart’s desire, even if it conflicts with God's plan for their lives. Only a small fraction of them retrace their steps back to Him. This has led many...

Word as bond (Poetry) 13-06-2008
by joy Ade
Real men keep their word: Their word is their bond; Their bond is their word. Their acts are inevitable; Actualizing them is profitable. Say what you mean and Mean what you say. Put a smile on someone’s face today By spreading your...

Youth: the age of hope (Opinions) 10-03-2008
by Samuel C. Okechukwu
Have you ever paused to wonder why youth should be considered the age of hope? Perhaps it is because of the intrinsic and perennial nature of the life and activities of youth. A tiny speck of life, a foetus, tossed off by the creative power of...