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Simply Said about Sex Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Kermi Liya, Canada Jul 26, 2008
Health , Human Rights   Opinions


It's true that while most of us are paranoid about "sex" while in our teens, it's also the time when we are most vulnerable. The media showers us with images and news about sex and the sex life of others, making it nearly impossible to not include it in our daily thinking. Everyday, more and more teens around the world find themselves in a position where sex or people considering sex becomes a question of right and wrong - is there such thing as common sense when it comes to sex?

The answer is yes. All you need is your conscience.

As our new generation of human beings develop into future leaders, it is imperative that we make it clear that sex is not a must. The pressure to not become a "40 year old virgin" is mounting on the backs of teens and young adults who are also in the midst of finding financial security, a partner and much more.

Adults should make it more clear in their family gatherings or community meetings that sex is a simple thing - its something that two people (or more) engage in because they love each other. However they must also add that sex is primarily to make children or to secure a base of a family-otherwise it has unwanted consequences such as early pregnancies or biological attractions. Financial stability, long-term commitments, security, food and other necessities also appear on the table when sex is dragged into the lives of persons. These are the realities of having a serious sexual life, without prevention.

While educating the young of the developed worlds, we must all turn our heads to the bigger global problem - over population. People must address the issue of the lack of sex education in promoting it in developing countries, and assist in teaching youths in a culturally accepted fashion. As we head into a world where globalism is the key to success, it is impossible to leave out such a huge and important part of the world. The same message of safe sex at a responsible financial stage should be passed on for all ears to hear so that everyone can benefit with the addition of knowledge.



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Writer Profile
Kermi Liya

I am a budding writer, who finds it empowering to express the need to explore global issues through writing.

Thank you for coming to my page! :)

women and motherhood
Vittal Koppal | Sep 6th, 2008
A short writing for your comments: Women and Motherhood: "Motherhood" is a great moment in women's life. Women by birth have "Motherhood" qualities. It is in her DNA. When we consider, women as the embodiment of the Mother Earth; "Earth is one, where as seeds are many" This has been the basic building block of the "Nature" for the repopulation and regeneration of the life forms on our planet earth. “Motherhood should be treated as fundamental birthright of every women, either she may be married or unmarried, she should be given right to choose the seed of a man, of which she intendeds to become mother. Her opinion should be final. This is what has happened in the times of “Mahabharata” Ms. Kunthi, earlier to her marriage to an impotent king Pandu. She also had became pregnant, She also faced the same problem of explaining the ugly world, to disclose the name of the father of her forthcoming child “Karna” so she has to sacrifice her motherhood and get rid of her newborn child “Karna”. Even after her marriage to the impotent king “Pandu” She has to copulate with five different “men” to fulfill her Motherhood instincts. The result was Five Brave Pandavas, born to five different fathers to a single mother. In turn those five Pandavas too married a single women “Droupadi”. Droupadi, in turn had five sons from each of the five Pandavas. To recognize the fathers of her sons, what she did was she copulated with one man for one year or until she became pregnant from him. After giving birth to a child she changed her man. In this way she was allowed by the ‘law makers’ to give sons to the impotent King Pandu. Now France's Justice Minister Ms. Rachida Dati, 42, unmarried intelligent women of France Now, Dati confirmed that she is expecting her first baby and refused to identify her partner. Dati is working in the President "Sarkozy's cabinet. For several months before he married Ms. Carla Bruni in February, his presidential consort was Dati. She accompanied him on official events including a state banquet at the White House. She has a great devotion for him. "Cherchez le pere" is the latest game in France; the object is to guess the "Man" who is responsible for the pregnancy? She tells that “My private life is complicated and I am keeping it off-limits to the media. I will not say anything about it”. Likewise, there are many unmarried women, who are unmarried, even though they are around 40 years. It is not their fault. The present age demands lot of struggle and preparation for educated woman to establish her carrier in the world successfully. At the time she has established herself, she will be running out of time for her “motherhood”. In between she will be coming in contact with many married or unmarried Men, towards whom she will have emotional and sexual relationships this is quite natural and equally common today, now it is high time that it should be treated as a legal affair. Women should be given her natural birthright to become mothers ether they are married or unmarried. If she is a earning lady, if she wish to be a mother of a child, then nothing should come in her way. Her Name as mother of a child should be treated as a legal identification instead of the name of the Man. Then only women could be free in real sense. Until then they are just shadows of “MAN”. WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THIS? could I expect your openion..?

The comment
Kermi Liya | Sep 15th, 2008
uh...well I don't see why you have a problem with my view points. Married or unmarried woman do have the right to get pregnant-as long as they could fully support and enrich their child's future. Children are gifts. Their lives are not mere coincidences or marks of their parents-they are fully functioning, thinking, brilliant human beings who need all they can get to enhance their future. True mothers understand that if they cannot financially/emotionally and or directly support their child, it will be more harsh on the child's future then anything else. I understand the human bias towards uplifting men in society rather than women...but women are NOT shadows of men, my friend. Female or male, we are all born equal human beings, whether or not our society acknowledges it. The spirit of women in general have come a long way since enduring emotionally torture as "slaves" to men-but year by year, century by century woman are growing stronger, and we will someday wake up to see a world where a woman's status in society is purely equal to a man's. I hope that answers my part of an "opinon". Thank you for leaving such a graciously long response for my article! :)

Keep it Up
David Habba | Sep 17th, 2008
Ur work is good and i commend you. Lots of people will definately benefit from it. am impressed

majed abu salama | Sep 27th, 2008
i want to speak about sex education in the schools, it,s very important to teach the teenagers about sex untill they can,t go to other ways , thanks alot kermi

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