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How non-creative countries can attract creative people Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by AARON NII LAMTE LAWSON, Ghana May 16, 2008
Freedom of Expression , Technology   Opinions


Finally, respect for cultural diversity, tolerance and open-mindedness can also attract a creative center. As Richard Florida rightly says, “Creative-minded people enjoy a mix of influences. They want to hear different kinds of music and try different kinds of food. They want to meet and socialize with people unlike themselves, trade views and spar over issues.” This implies that you can attract creative minds if the people are diverse, tolerant and open-minded to new things and people.

Concluding remarks
It is important to recognize that, to create a creative class, it does not take a coincidence, but strategic planning and commitment on the part of both the leadership and the citizens. This statement is well articulated by Richard Florida in his book when he asserts that “places likes Austin and San Francisco with their highly publicized open-mindedness and Bohemia are at the forefront of the new economy, while cities like Detroit, in contrast, can't succeed unless they actively become a magnet for the creative class”. I believe if the mechanisms described above are put into place, a non-creative center can be turn into a creative center.

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adham tobail
Adham Tobail | Jul 2nd, 2008
I believe that creative thinking is in a stable country where attention to education and learning The opposite is when Allbuld unstable spread the ideas of aggression and underdevelopment Matter relating to the question The first is the extent to which the political leadership of his political awareness and there are many political leaders to promote political subservience and citizen satisfaction with reality and rejects any change Second on the public, and he has the political awareness opportunity for them to be changed and the creation of creative thinking and social development and intellectual Thanks to the writer Adham

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