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Welcome to the TakingITGlobal Events database, where you can check out upcoming events being held all over the world!

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» Transformational Conservation for Nature’s Future - Part 2 of 2

» Clean it! Clean-up initiatives and technologies around the world

» The State of the Planet - Address by the UN Secretary-General

» Inclusive Leadership

» Leveraging Creativity to Increase Leadership Impact

» Climate Tech Solutions with SOSV, Mayfield & UN Joint SDG Fund

» How to communicate about harmful products and industries

» Dive In with Syvia & Liz: Murray Fisher, Founder of the New York Harbor School and Billion Oyster Project

» Tales from the Deep: Insights from Ocean Wise Research - Kaitlin Yehle

» Zero hunger Webinar

» Lisilojulikana (The Unknown) - Screening | #ReframingFilmNarrative

» Malagasy People and Conservation in Madagascar

» Social Carnivores | Meerkats, Wild Dogs and Wolves with Elisa Sandoval Serés

» Lynx in the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge

» Darcy McNicholl | Community-based Coastal Research in the Canadian Arctic

» Curlews in the Classroom with Heather Hayes

» Anti-Racist Cooperation

» World Soil Day - FAO

» World Soil Day - UN

» 50 Years of the Status of Women Report: Looking Back to Move Forward

» Ocean Engineering: Arctic adventures and modelling microplastics

» From Risk to Opportunity: Climate Transitions and Tropical Commodities

» Chasing Epic Storms With Storm Chaser Chelsea Burnett

» Shared Values: Conservation, Nationhood & International Leadership

» The GEO Indigenous Summit 2020

» Writing for Imagination: virtual creative writing workshop

» The Power Lunch: Ending the Violence & Inequality

» Laly Lichtenfeld | African People & Wildlife

» City of Toronto | Nature in the City: Winter Tree ID Walk at the Don Valley Brickworks Park

» Caribou at the Toronto Zoo

» A Conversation on Canada's Global Engagement

» Ricardo Moreno | Jaguars in Panama

» Sur les traces de la faune

» Tracking Wildlife

» International Human Rights Day Virtual Conference

» Intersectionality: distraction or demand?

» Thandiwe Mweetwa | Protecting Lions in Zambia

» A deep dive into the lives of North Atlantic right whales

» NOAA Live! Webinar Series: Seeing the World Through a Sea Turtle’s Eyes

» Taking BLK Gottingen Holiday - Halifax, NS

» #DefendtheDeep: Global Youth Mobilizing To Protect The Deep Sea

» Enabling circularity in Canada through the UN Sustainable Development Goals

» Teaching Leadership and Life Skills

» Sugoto Roy | Tiger Conservation

» Emerging from the Den! Researching Polar Bear Moms and Cubs

» Reverse the Red Live Webinar

» Tales from the Deep: Insights from Ocean Wise Research - Julie Merchel

» Building an Indigenized Future: Spirited Leadership

» Hiking the Tundra | Exploring the Northwest Territories with Dwayne Wohlgemuth

» Gender-Based Violence and Environment Linkages: From knowledge to action – Addressing GBV in conservation

» Découvrez notre Saint-Laurent : les fruits de mer durables et l’état actuel des pêches au Québec

» International Mountain Day

» International Mountain Day at the Royal BC Museum

» BLC 2020 - Anti-Racism and Equity is for Everyone

» Alex Braczkowski | On the Trial of Big Cats: From Leopards to Tree Lions

» Exploring Mountain Biodiversity

» International Mountain Day - Mountains High - Adventure for Climate Action!

» 5th World Conference on Marine Biodiversity Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

» Audubon Christmas Bird Count

» Indigenous Womxn Fighting Pipelines--An Indigenous Feminisms Webinar

» Loose Parts Outdoors

» Polar Bears in Svalbard

» Live Festive Nature Craft Along

» Protecting and Incentivizing Whistleblowers to Combat Fisheries Crimes

» A Winter's Night in the Forest: Storytelling & Drawing with Holly Carr

» Y2S Trivia Challenge

» Unmasking Plastic Finale!

» Waterloo Winter Bird Count Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

» Work-life integration: Successful workplace practices in the “new normal”

» Trois conditions globales pour la conservation de la biodiversité et l’utilisation durable des ressources

» Ocean Wise Seafood - Discover Pacific Salmon

» What Global Warming Means for the Arctic

» The Future of Women Entrepreneurship

» ArtPLAY!

» Barriers, By-laws, and the Biophilic City: Advancing Natural Gardens and Native Plants in Our Cities

» Blue Hope Conservation Roundtable

» Ethics 101

» Foxing Around Podcast

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