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Welcome to the TakingITGlobal Events database, where you can check out upcoming events being held all over the world!

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» Field Trip to the Lemur Forest!

» Matthew Shupe | MOSAiC Expedition

» George Kourounis | The Science of the World’s Weirdest Weather

» What’s so important about the Arctic anyway? With Matthew Ayre

» Virtual Science Cafe: Sexy Corals, Unassuming Fish, and Assassin Flies

» The Ocean Awards Lecture Series Sept 27-Oct 29

» LIVE ZOOM CLASS with Rand - Thursday Oct 1st at 2:00 pm Ottawa time.

» ASSIGNMENT ONE DUE at 11:59 pm your time

» Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF)

» “Two-Eyed Seeing” - An Indigenous framework to transform fisheries research and management

» “Two-Eyed Seeing” - An Indigenous framework to transform fisheries research and management

» ZOOM live class with Rand # 2 - Friday October 2nd at 2:00 pm Ottawa time

» Y2S Whale Watching

» Sisters In Spirit with Dan & Mary Lou Smoke and IHWP

» Food Justice / Eating For a Better Tomorrow (Live Webinar)

» MOSAiC Arctic Expedition With Laura Schmidt

» Glacier National Park | Epic Glaciers

» Lucky Peak Research Station | Raptor Banding

» Vital Sites: The Journey to Marseilles - People and Parks - The pathways for social and ecologial recovery

» Teacher training for outdoor classrooms

» Outdoor Learning Balancing Structured and Unstructured Elements Outdoors

» Ocean Vuong Reading

» Job Deadline: Marketing Coordinator

» Satellites | Protecting Our Oceans With Taryn Tomlinson

» Les satellites : protecteurs de nos océans avec Taryn Tomlinson

» Guide and Teacher Training Day 1

» Ecologist School - Tuesday Class Day 1 Austin, Texas, United States

» Environmental Racism: There's Something in the Water

» "After the Ice" documentary series premiere

» Y2S Group Call October

» Duke Lemur Center | Working With Fossils 101

» Guide and Teacher Training Day 2

» Ecologist School - Thursday Class - Day 1 Austin, Texas, United States

» Sustainable Seafood - Pacific National Call

» Ocean Hackathon® 2020

» World Migratory Bird Day

» Day of Rage in K’jipuktuk Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

» Indigenous Peoples' Day | Youth in Action

» Marine Observation from Seabed to Space Brest, Bretagne, France

» Día de las Áreas Protegidas de Latinoamérica y el Caribe

» NOCTURNE - Halifax

» Annette Fayet | Studying Atlantic Puffins

» Lucky Peak Research Station | Songbird Banding

» Food Justice 101

» Solutions to Farm Food Loss

» The Turtle Hospital

» Webinar: Connecting Our Blue Planet: Building Ecologically Connected Marine Protected Area Networks

» Ripleys Aquarium of Canada | Sawfish Feeding

» Zoom Meeting Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

» Meeting Waters: Cross-Cultural Collabs on Environmental Racism

» Our Northwoods: A Virtual Event

» TEDxDaringCities: Cities Going Climate Neutral

» An IUCN Virtual Dialogue - #BuildBackBetter: Impacts of COVID-19 and Climate Change on Indigenous Peoples

» Innovate4Cities Day

» SHARKTOBER EPISODE 2 - Dive in with Shark Stewards’ David McGuire

» Arab Environment Day

» Field Heroes in Canadian Farm Fields with Tyler Wist

» Dance Echoes presented by Mocean Dance

» World Food Day

» International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

» Storytelling Night: Open Mic for BIPOC, immigrant & refugee youth

» Finding Our Voices: a free virtual writing workshop

» Living in Between Cultures: a free virtual writing workshop

» Shifting in Place: a free virtual visual poetic workshop

» Job Deadline: Outreach and Development Officer

» Our Climate Future: Introductory Workshop on Shaping Climate Policy // Notre Avenir Climatique: Atelier d'introduction a l'elabo

» In Solidarity with the Mi'kmaw nation and fishers

» Takaya Tours Salmon Spawning Tour North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

» Wildlands League | Protecting Nature in Canada

» Wildlands League | Protecting Nature in Canada

» Wildscreen Festival

» National Call with National Geographic Explorere, Malaika Vaz

» Ocean Bridge National Call: Malaika Vaz

» Hope Matters: An Afternoon with Elin Kelsey

» Wetlands and Climate Action - Youth Dialogue

» [NATIONAL CALL] Combatting Pollution at the Grassroots

» Lucy Houliston | All About Sloths

» World Sloth Day With Toucan Rescue Ranch

» Job Deadline: Digital Marketing & Communications

» Weaving Solidarity by Honouring Stolen Sisters with Wet'suwet'en Nation Leadership

» Risky Play Webinar

» Keynote: Robin Wall Kimmerer - What Does the Earth Ask of Us?

» Toy Drive Committee Meeting

» Closing the Financial Gap : Payment for Ecosystem Services

» The Outlook for Biodiversity at a Global and Local Level: What Does it Mean for Future Planetary Protection?

» PANORAMA, Nature-Culture thematic community - sharing practices and learning from heritage places

» Once Upon a Planet - True Stories of Women, Gender and Climate

» SHARKTOBER EPISODE 3 - Dive in with underwater photographers Michael Aw and Alex Rose

» The Unique Challenges and Solutions to a Changing Climate

» Climate Change and Animal Habitats

» Giant Seabass: Kings of the Kelp Forest

» Facebook Live Q&A with MERSociety!

» The Last Tropical Glaciers | Wild Mountains of East Africa

» The 5th Annual P-22 Day & International Urban Wildlife Festival

» Takaya Tours Salmon Spawning Tour North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

» Salmon Leather Making Workshop

» Exploring The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

» The Turtle Hospital

» Ecologist School Meets Roots and Wings Festival! - Botany Lesson

» Danger in the City | Birds and Windows

» Feel the heat on this virtual journey to Belize!

» Fire and Conservation in Belize

» World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

» A Two-Eyed Seeing Approach to Research in the Bras d'Or Lake

» A Conversation about Access to Justice and Systemic Racism

» Critical Conversations: Environmental Emergency

» Join a Parks Canada Biologist Live From Banff National Park!

» Joignez-vous à un biologiste de Parcs Canada en direct du parc national Banff!

» Indigenous Justice Conference - Decolonizing through Intersectionality

» How to Organize Your Own Outdoor Kids Club

» Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada | Piranhas

» Resilient Islands: Bracing for Impact

» GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference: One World - One Health

» Béluga et baleines du St-Laurent par Parcs Canada

» Wetland Knowledge Exchange Webinar

» The Intersections Of Climate Change & Race: Does Addressing Climate Change Mean Addressing Racism?

» Ontario’s Model for Biodiversity Conservation Webinar

» How to make cities #GreenerHealthierWilder! Voices from around the world

» Virtual Nature Community - Parent Workshop #1

» Job Deadline: Project Designer, Participatory City Wije'winen

» SHARKTOBER EPISODE 4 - Dive in with Minorities in Shark Sciences: Carlee, Jasmine, Amani, and Jaida

» Inclusive Conservation of Protected Areas: balancing stakeholders' visions

» Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) 2020

» Local Reflections on Racism with guest Lydia Collins

» BIPOC - A Faculty Discussion : Institutionalized Racism

» Dr. Cory Toth | Bats!

» Live from Madagascar with Planet Madagascar

» Chasing Lemurs with Dr. Keriann McGoogan

» Live from the Lemur Forest at the Duke Lemur Centre

» Lemurs at The Toronto Zoo!

» Conserving Lemurs and Primates in the 21st century

» Closing the gender data gap to improve small-scale fisheries research and policy

» Climate Change Impacts Your Health

» World Cities Day

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