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Welcome to the TakingITGlobal Events database, where you can check out upcoming events being held all over the world!

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» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Best of Growth Worlds

» Joe Grabowski | Deep-sea Expedition

» Reptiles with Toledo Zoo

» Deep-sea Expedition

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Best of Growth Worlds (Ocean Wise) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

» The Ocean Bottle presents: Covid-19 and the state of our oceans

» ISCBC Virtual Youth Summit 2020

» 'Agua Negra' The Movie

» A Socially Distant Trivia Night: Oceans Edition (public event)

» Amazon Action Forum

» Virtual Explorer Day - Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea!

» Wet Lab Biologists Talk: Sea Star Wars - A New Hope

» Diving into Thundery Bay National Marine Sanctuary

» Magnificent Monarchs Learn Around the World

» Top 25 storytelling virtual event: Finding your voice

» Canadian Geographic Trivia Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

» Environmental Transformation in Times of Crisis

» YouthToSea Group Call: Social Media

» Online Blue Film Screening

» Project Aware

» Insect Life Cycles with Karin Royal Botanical Gardens

» A framework for climate-smart restoration

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Marine debris: good, bad and ugly

» Rainforest Biological Station: A Day in the Life

» The Crystal Caves of the Bahamas - Jill Heinerth

» Play and Resiliency during COVID-19 Era

» Seagrass restoration and advanced moorings project

» Adam Smith | Data Science for Bird Conservation

» Ripley's Aquarium of Canada | Zebra Shark Training

» Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2020: Virtual

» Ecological Economics for Parks Toronto, Ontario, Canada

» Ask an Expert: Caitlin Birdsall

» Top 25 storytelling virtual event: Amplifying youth voices

» National Call - Nika Collison

» Tommi Wolfe | Grace, Gorillas, and Gumption

» MOSAiC Arctic | Sara Morris

» Exploring the depths of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

» Nature X Live Webinar: The Sea Otter Story

» The future ocean economy: A conversation on research, industry and sustainability with Dr. Kate Moran

» Richard Walker | Ghost Fishing UK

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Hide and Seek

» Exploring the Sounds of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

» Rainforests: Layers of Life with Toledo Zoo

» Fur, Feathers and Scales with Ann Arbor

» Collab Space Example - Let's Talk about the OCEAN

» Sustaining Seas: Oceanic Space and the Politics of Care

» Bird Day - Canada

» World Migratory Bird Day

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Underwater Parenting Tips

» Lauren Saville | Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Underwater Parenting Tips

» Dolphins by Mote Marine Aquarium

» Pint of Science Online Festival

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Wild West Coast

» Indigenous Law for Land, Air & Water Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

» Celebrating the 1st annual Ontario Day of Action on Litter: Upstream solutions to reduce plastic pollution in Ontario

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Wild West Coast

» Seeds on the Go with Karin from Royal Botanical Gardens

» The Scoop on Poop with Darin from Alaska Sea Life Centre

» Inside a Squid - Squid Dissection - Ocean Wise

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: All about Sea Urchins

» Walking Up the Food Chain with Ann Arbor Hands on Musuem

» Rebuilding a house of cards: Restoring the equilibrium in Indonesia’s tropical peatlands

» Ocean Yoga

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: All about Sea Urchins

» Marine Life Identification Course - Molluscs P1, Snails and Sea Slugs

» World Oceans Day - events & planning roundtable // Mise à jour hebdomadaire de la Journée Mondiale des Océans

» Conservation Dialogue During COVID-19

» Ask an Expert: The Mystery of the Declining Southern Resident Killer Whales

» Komodo Dragons with Learn Around the World

» Webinar: Endangered Species Day (Gr. 2-9)

» #GoalUp - Global Citizenship & SDGs Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

» Endangered Species Day - American Eels - CWF Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

» Webinar - Western Transboundary Watersheds

» World Urban Parks Webinar: What is the Green Flag Award?

» United Nations Webinar: Keeping the Momentum for Ocean Action Series

» Keeping the Momentum for Ocean Action: Youth Participation and Engagement

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Taking the Aquarium on a Road Trip

» Ask an Expert: The Mystery of the Declining Southern Resident Killer Whales

» Small Farm Animals with the Canadian Museum of Agriculture

» World Urban Parks Webinar: Park management under COVID 19, now and into the future

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Secret Lives of Sea Stars

» Wet Lab Biologist Talk: Secret Lives of Sea Stars

» Primates from Toledo Zoo

» Marine Life Identification Course - Molluscs P2, Nudibranchs and Octopus

» G(irls)20 Webinar: Leading Together through COVID-19

» Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie Screening

» Open Ocean Seminar: Elizabeth Stephenson

» Webinar: New camera observations of biodiversity in shallow and deep ocean habitats

» National Marine Sanctuaries With Pacific Mammal Research

» Options for adaptation, risk management, and resilience building in a changing climate: Q&A about the IPCC Special Report Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

» Environmental Educators in NS - Connecting Virtually

» Great Lakes test

» What Orcas Teach Us: the southern residents' battle against extinction and the state of our watersheds

» Climate Detective Dr. Matthew Ayre | Shipwrecks and Arctic Exploration

» Tidepools- Darrin at Alaska Sea Life Center

» #ISpyAPollinator Challenge – Take a photo of a pollinator from your backyard!

» Selecting native plant material for restoration projects in different ecosystems: successes and challenges

» Climate change and the endangered African penguin: SANCCOB's involvement in important management interventions

» The Robots of Deep-Ocean Exploration

» The Turtle Hospital

» Reptiles with Lannis from Ann Arbor

» Conservation during Corona-crisis and Behaviour Change

» Wet Lab Biologists Talk: Wild West Coast

» NOAA/CELC Science Communication Webinar

» Nature X Live Webinar: Microplastics

» Conservation Success Stories with Jeffrey Gibbs

» From bad grades to six word stories: A journey in science communication

» Elephant Poo Paper with Brandon from Learn Around the World

» Penguins with Ocean Wise

» Traditional Objects: Worldwide sharing of biodiversity related idioms, stories, songs, poems, and/or traditions from your cultur

» Wet Lab Biologists Talk: Not Just A Pretty Space

» Ask An Expert: Mapping Ocean Mysteries in Support of Conservation

» Global Biodiversity Festival

» International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB)

» Wet Lab Biologists Talk: Sea Star Seacrets

» Venemous Animals Toledo Zoo

» Climate Action & Sustainability during COVID 19

» Biodiversity Day Watch Party : Biodiversity Week of Action

» The Future Of Biodiversity And How You Fit In

» Biodiversity Day Talk

» Global Biodiversity Festival

» Global Biodiversity Festival

» Decentralized cleanup 2.0 / Nettoyage décentralisé 2.0

» Eat or Be Eaten Alaska Sea Life Center

» Wet Lab Biologists Talk: Small But Mighty Barnacles

» Into the Planet with Cave Diver Jill Heinerth

» Virtual Discussion: What’s next for climate law after COVID-19? Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

» Hand-rearing African penguin chicks from egg incubation to release

» Pollinator Partners Karin from RBG

» Sharks Alive with Mote Marine Aquarium

» WEBINAR: Plant it, and they will come

» Netflix Party Screening: Chasing Coral

» YouthToSea Call: Citizen Science

» World Otter Day with Toucan Rescue Ranch

» Open Ocean Seminar: Dr. Grace Young

» Rise Up! Monthly Youth Webinar

» Turtles of Pugent Sound

» Bats! Bats! Bats! Ann Arbor

» Toronto Regional collaboration

» Montreal Virtual Meetup!

» Webinar: Finding a Job with Purpose During a Pandemic

» Tales from the Deep: Insights from Ocean Wise Research

» Ocean Wise Wet Lab

» Learn to Draw a Beaver Woodland Art Style with Josh Pawis

» Lake Superior North Shore Virtual Meet-up

» Environmental Educators in NS - Connecting Virtually Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

» Nova Scotia - Virtual Regional Meet Up

» Feathered Friends Toledo Zoo

» Arctic Dioramas with Colleen from the WAG

» Save the Date! Marine Science Day

» Save the Date! Marine Science Day

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