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May 2011

TakingITGlobal at ISTE 2011!

TakingITGlobal is excited to be participating in this year's International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference! The ISTE conference is a major annual event in the field of technology in education, and we hope that many of you will take advantage of this opportunity to learn about innovative and inspiring practices on the cutting edge of education. We will be hosting a partner booth and four poster sessions:

  • "Get Ready to Shout! Engaging Students in Environmental Stewardship" (Sunday, 6/26/2011, 7:00pm-8:30pm) This presentation will highlight our efforts in global citizenship education on the Shout! program that we are proud to be a part of alongside Microsoft Partners is Learning and the Smithsonian Institution.
  • "Tread Lightly: Climate Change Education for a Greener Future" (Tuesday, 6/28/2011, 1:00pm-3:00pm ) This presentation will celebrate the ongoing success of our Tread Lightly initiatives, including our thematic classroom, teacher challenge, and teacher toolkit.
  • "DeforestACTION: Students United to Protect the World's Rainforest" (Sunday, 6/26/2011, 7:00pm-8:30pm) This presentation will provide exciting information about a particular Shout! initiative, DeforestACTION, which is a global movement of youth dedicated to preserving rainforests and the biodiversity they support.
  • "Online Games Make Learning and Global Issues Fun!" (Wednesday, 6/29/2011, 11:00am-1:00pm) This presentation will showcase TIG's interactive educational suite of games that TIGeducators and their students love.

For this event, we will be offering a promotional 30-day licence for our award-winning virtual classroom platform starting. Even if you are unable to attend ISTE this year, you can still take advantage of this promotion on or after June 25. Visit tiged.org and click "Get Started". When prompted, enter the promo code "ISTE2011". When you use this code, you will not only get a free 30-day trial of our virtual classroom, but a 10% discount for one of our professional development Global Education e-courses. Our next course will begin on June 29. Visit pd.tiged.org for more information.

May's International Days

ISTE; TakingITGlobal


Upcoming TIGed e-Course: Introduction to Global Education

Upcoming TIGed e-CourseTIGed is thrilled to be responding to educators' growing requests for professional development opportunities in technology enabled global education by launching our second round of accredited e-courses, beginning with "Introduction to Global Education" starting on June 29th! Accredited by the College of Graduate Studies at Plymouth State University, TIGed e-courses are designed to support teachers in enhancing their understanding of and competencies in global education and the use of e-technologies to bring the world into the classroom. Discounts are available for groups of 3 and 5, and educators based in Least Developed Countries may apply for tuition assistance. Please visit the TIGed Professional Development homepage for more information and to register.

Defining Moments Launched!

Defining Moments Launched!TakingITGlobal, with support from the Department of Canadian Heritage "Youth Take Charge" program, are pleased to announce the official launch of a new art project called "Defining Moments: Discovering our Canadian Stories"! The project is focused on Canadian identity and citizen engagement. Visit the website to access an interactive timeline of defining moments in Canadian history that will expand and evolve through collaboration from TIG users; an art contest that will culminate in an art exhibition; and workshops that will be run by youth for youth held in each province and territory on the topic of Canadian identity! If you're a Canadian teacher, encourage your students to participate in the art contest or apply to volunteer as a youth workshop facilitator!

DeforestACTION - Borneo Contest Top Candidates

DeforestACTION -Borneo Contest Top CandidatesThe top 50 Candidates were recently announced in the contest to travel to Borneo and take part as "action agents" in an action movie documentary about deforestation! Check out their amazing application videos on our Global Gallery DeforestACTION page. You can also check out the Action Hub page where youth are raising funds and awareness for DeforestACTION.

Imprints Art Contest Winners Announced!

Imprints Art Contest Winners Announced!To celebrate Earth Day, the winners of the Tread Lightly Imprints Art Contest were announced during a recent eco-art international student video conference. Participating schools shared their eco-inspired artwork with each other before hearing the announcement of the 10 winners: young artists from 9 countries, with submissions including sculptures, paintings, video and photography. Check out the winners and all the amazing entries posted in the Imprints Global Gallery collection.

Feedback with the TIG Community Cookbook!

Feed Back with the TIG Community Cookbook!TakingITGlobal is pleased to announce a new initiative to recognize both global cultural diversity and food security, the TIG Community Cookbook. Any TIG member can share their recipes and help to feed the hungry by participating in a global recipe exchange.

To post a recipe, simply click on the "Post Entry" link on the top of the cookbook page and enter the following information:

  1. The name of a favourite food item from your culture
  2. An explanation of why it is a favourite
  3. A description of when the food is typically eaten (e.g. birthdays, holidays, anytime)
  4. The recipe itself (ingredient list and instructions)

For more food-related sharing, members and friends are invited to play for TakingITGlobal's group on www.freerice.com, where scoring points means donating rice to people in need.

Student News Action Network

Student News Action NetworkThe Student News Action Network recently hosted a Pulitzer Centre Student Journalism Challenge on the theme of Global Water. Articles were submitted from all over the world, making this a truly international youth competition. A big congratulations goes out to Sam Matthews of Kent Public School in Colorado, the author of the insightful winning article, Colorado's Water: Making More From Less. Sam is the recipient of an iPad 2 and the opportunity to be mentored by a Pulitzer Centre journalist to complete a reporting project of his choice. Excellent work, Sam!

Introducing TIGed's New Interns!

Introducing TIGed's New Interns!A big welcome goes out to our new TIGed interns!

Kendyl is our new TIGed blogger. Watch for her blogs on exciting education news and TIGed events! Danielle and David join us from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) to develop global education lesson plans and resources for the benefit of the TIGed community. Christine will be developing new lesson plans in math and science for the Tread Lightly resource database and Daniela will be providing general programming support for our Tread Lightly initiatives. Jeff will be supporting our Sprout e-course program, and finally, Kelly, our new DeforestACTION Project Assistant, will be helping with the selection and support the action agents for the upcoming action movie! We are pleased to have such inspiring and committed people working with TIGed this season, and look forward to growing with them.

TIGed in the Media

National Social Studies Supervisors Association Leader Journal (Spring 2011)

National Social Studies Supervisors Association Leader Journal (Spring 2011)We are pleased to recognize Global Educator and TIGed Team Member, Jennifer Klein who was recently published in NSSSA’s journal, The Leader. Her article, "Giving the World a Face: The Humanizing of Global Education" discusses the necessity of global education despite and because of the challenges it presents teachers and youth alike. TIG is highlighted as a place for teachers to collaborate with each other and connect their students to other youth around the world, thus humanizing the issues explored in class, and inspiring action. We are honored to have Jennifer facilitating our Global Education professional development course for the second time, starting in June.

Upcoming Events


Shout - Value the Land - Online Conference

July 13, Online

In partnership with Microsoft Partners and Learning and the Smithsonian Institution, TakingITGlobal is excited to announce the newest event in the Shout online conference series. Three sessions will be hosted on July 13: "American Indian Responses to Environmental Challenges: Working for a Sustainable Future" with Genevieve Simermeyer and Ed Schupman, "Stories of the Forest: Human Impacts of Deforestation" with Joshua Bell, and "Community Narratives: Citizens Recording History" with James I. Deutsch, Alex Griswold, and Joshua Bell. Register to participate today! Be sure to visit the Shout Global Classroom to browse lesson ideas and join the conversation!

ISTE 2011

ISTE 2011

June 26-29th, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Join TIG at the International Society for Technology in Education conference this year. We are running a booth and several poster presentations! Please find more information at the beginning of this newsletter.

Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning 2011

Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning 2011

July 7-9th, Washington, DC

Join TIG at the Asia Society's inspiring annual conference, Partnership for Global Learning. We are excited to be participating as an exhibitor this year. Also look out for the Student News Action Network leading a concurrent session.

Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning 2011

Global Youth Assembly

July 27-30th, Edmonton, Alberta

Join TIG at the Global Youth Assembly this summer! The GYA is a vibrant youth social forum presented every two years by the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights. TIG will be on location in Edmonton from July 27th to 30th to give a workshop on the Tread Lightly environmental education program, tying in with the theme of "Our World. Our Water."


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