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TIGed Update 2.1
September 2007
TIGed Updates and Highlights
What's New on TIGed?
improved design & more support

Thanks to all the creative ideas that you have shared for improving TIGed, there are several great new developments coming your way this month:
  • A redesigned TIGed.org home page that it’s easier to read and navigate!
  • A relaunched Understanding the Issues

  • New Online Workshops!
    Starting on September 24, we will be using Elluminate to host weekly live events to help you make the most of TakingITGlobal in your classroom and network with other educators. Our first session will take place September 24 at 4 PM Eastern. Check TIGed.org's event page for more details. Weigh in here about the timing of future sessions and what topics you would like us to cover.

    Shortcut: Save this e-mail and follow this link on the day of the session for access.

    TIGed Contest

    Making the Connection Best Practices Report Available

    Making the Connection This summer at NECC, TIGed released a new report highlighting best practices in global education and technology integration through fifteen case studies of educators around the world. The release coincided with the announcement of the winners of the Take Your Classroom Global! Contest. To download the report in PDF format, visit: http://www.tiged.org/bestpractices and bookmark the page for a soon-to-launch online portal featuring resources from each case study and a place to share your own best practices.

    Beta Testers Needed: Orange Revolution

    Orange RevolutionIn partnership with York University’s ABEL and TEACH Magazine, TIGed announces that its newest thematic classroom, Orange Revolution is ready for beta testing!

    Orange Revolution is a simulation of the 2004 presidential election in Ukraine, played through the eyes of the two main candidates, Yanukovych and Yushchenko. Facing election fraud, protests, and international pressure, players must secure democratic reform without violence. The game has a prisoner's dilemma-style structure, where each candidate's decision must factor in the potential strategies and repercussions of the other.

    Students can play the game and then take a deeper look at Ukraine's example of democracy, human rights, and good governance as international development issues, using the accompanying lesson plans. Check it out and send us some feedback!

    Featured Partner Resources

    Partner Features
    Facing History and Ourselves
    Be the Change: Upstanders for Human Rights

    Get a sneak preview of Facing History and Ourselves’ new interactive website, “Be the Change: Upstanders for Human Rights.” The website, which will officially launch on October 9th, profiles the stories of five extraordinary men and women who have made a positive difference in the world. Designed for middle and high school students, and created with the help of students, “Be the Change” looks at the influences, inspirations and motivations that led the five upstanders to take action on behalf of others. By taking the journey through the website, students connect with a growing network of their peers all over the world who care about peace, compassion, social justice and human rights.

    RePlay: Finding Zoe

    RePlay: Finding Zoe tells the story of two friends searching for their good friend Zoe. They have just heard stereotyping rumors about Zoe that lead them to conclude that she is caught up in an abusive relationship. On their search, the friends navigate through their neighborhood and are challenged with mini-games that encourage them to work together and be respectful, confident communicators. Success in these mini-games helps strengthen the two avatars' resiliency and better equip them to support Zoe once they find her.

    RePlay: Finding Zoe was developed in partnership between the Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) and Take Action Games. METRAC is a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that is dedicated to preventing and ending violence against women, youth, and children.

    The game is available on the METRAC site, along with a teacher's handbook.

    Upcoming Events

    Opportunities to learn more about TIGed in person:

    Distributed Learning in the 21st Century, Edmonton, AB - October 17-19

    • Join Michael Furdyk's keynote: October 18, 2-4PM

    NACOL Virtual School Symposium, Louisville, KY - November 4-6

    Educational Computing Organization of Ontario, Mississauga, ON - November 7-9

    • Visit our office on the Technology Taste of Toronto: November 7, 10-11:30AM or 2-3:30PM
    • Join our session on session on social networking for social good: November 8, 1-2PM
    • Learn about our new game, Orange Revolution: November 8, 2:45-3:45

    ASCD & ACEL 2007 International Conference, Sydney, Australia - November 10-12

    • Join Michael Furdyk's keynote: November 12, 9:15-10:45AM

    National Council for the Social Studies, San Diego, CA - November 30-Dec 2

    • Participate in our pre-conference clinic: November 29, 8-11AM
    • Attend our session - December 1, 11:45AM
    • Visit our booth in International Alley in the Exhibit Hall

    International Studies Schools Association, Chicago - Feb 7-9, 2008

    For more information on these events and to learn about our online workshops, please visit: http://www.takingitglobal.org/tiged/ec/events.html

    Wrap Up
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    We'd love to hear from you! If you have questions or feedback, or would like more information about TIGed, please contact us: education@takingitglobal.org. If you do not wish to receive future TIGed updates, please e-mail this address.

    Copyright 2007 TakingITGlobal

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