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News from TIGed
Future Friendly Schools, Polar Bears, PD and more!

International Days

September 15th - International Day of Democracy

The International Day of Democracy is observed annually with the purpose of promoting and upholding the principles of democracy. The theme for 2013 is "Strengthening Voices for Democracy" which aims to bring awareness why it is important for everyone should raise their voices and decide how they are governed. Explore definitions of democracy and good governance with your students through the use of our Orange Revolution thematic classroom that uses the case study of the Ukrainian Orange Revolution in 2004 and 2005.

September 16th - International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer commemorates the date of the signing of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1987. A day dedicated to promote the objectives of the Protocol and its amendments. This year's theme is: A healthy atmosphere, the future we want. On this day use one of TIGed's environmental classroom resources for activities for your students.

September 21st - International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace or World Peace Day is a day dedicated to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. It is also a day of ceasefire – personal or political. To celebrate the importance of this day you can take advantages of many classroom resources by Peace One Day .

October 5th - World Teachers' Day

Teacher's play an important role in every childs life. World Teachers' Day is a day dedicated to celebrate teachers and their vital contribution to education and development. Discuss with your class about what they think are qualities a good teacher should have. Introduce them to issues that teachers are facing every day around the world. Use the TIGed community to connect with a teacher from another country and start a conversation with your students on different classroom dynamics around the world.

October 7th - World Habitat Day

Many around the world is lacking adequate shelter. Having adequate shelter is a basic human right and that is why United Nations General Assembly declared October 7th as World Habitat Day.
Visit your local Habitat for Humanity website for more information on how to contribute as a class to local community on this day.

October 11th - International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child is a day dedicated to supports more opportunity for girls, and increases awareness of inequality faced by girls. Girls and women around the world are not given equal access to education, nutrition, legal rights, and medical care just because of their gender. Bring the issues of gender inequality to your classroom by taking advantage of TIG's upcoming Global Encounters event on the International Day of the Girl Child.

October 16th - World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated on 16 October to honours the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. This day provides countries with opportunity to strengthen national and international solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition will be the focus of World Food Day in 2013. Explore TIGed’s classroom resources on Globalization for an activity on the global food system for an activity to do with your class.

October 24th - United Nations Day

Simply put, this is the birthday of the United Nations. On October 24, 1945, the United Nations was formally established after a majority of its founding members ratified a treaty setting up the world body. In 1971, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution recommending that the day be observed as a public holiday by Member States. Traditionally, it has been marked throughout the world by meetings, discussions and exhibits on the goals and achievements of the Organization.


Launch of Future Friendly Schools at ISTE 2013

Imagine if there was a global network of future-forward schools determined to rise to the challenge of true 21st century teaching and learning. Connecting these schools would enable them to challenge each other to serve and include every learner, to celebrate achievements beyond just test scores, and to collaborate in learning about and taking action on issues that matter.

Future Friendly Schools is this network. Launched at ISTE 2013, Future Friendly Schools nurture student voice, global citizenship, and environmental stewardship through technology-rich and project-based learning to better engage students in learning and prepare them for life in a time that demands new leaders and ideas.

Learn more about this new program and register your school!

Join us on the Tundra: Nov 11-14

TIG Co-founder Michael Furdyk will be joining our friends at Polar Bears International to host a week of Tundra Connections, offering a series of live webinars from the arctic tundra. Three leading scientists working on climate change issues across the globe will join us to share their work and answer your students' questions: Register now!


Professional Development E-Courses with TIGed

This Fall, don't miss out on our professional development e-courses designed for educators like you. Our e-courses focus on global citizenship, environmental stewardship, and student voice, and are accredited for graduate credit by Plymouth State University.

Each of our e-courses is five weeks long, designed to support your unique needs and curriculum requirements, and will allow you to connect with other like-minded educators from around the world. To register, visit our PD webpage. Questions about the courses can be directed to pd@tiged.org.

The 2013 International 1-to-1 Computing Conference

The Canadian Education Association has joined forces with the One-to-One Institute and the Lausanne Learning Institute as co-organizers of this international 1to1 computing conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

Whether your district is just starting to think about implementing 1-to-1 technology or has been running a program for several years; whether you’re a teacher who is unaware of how technology can support your practice, or you’ve been awarded for your work with technology, the 2013 International 1to1 Conference will provide you with new knowledge, practical strategies and the opportunity to network and collaborate with your educational colleagues from the U.S. and Canada.

TIGed in the Media

Our PD and Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Klein was recently published in The Educational Forum!

Her article, Making Meaning in a Standards-Based World: Negotiating Tensions
in Global Education, explores how global educators are developing strategies to make education more meaningful and transformative. Global educators are bringing in technological tools, global partner organizations, and high-quality resources into the classroom to promote global learning.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Global Encounters: Mental Health

October 10th

Ready to engage your students with Global Encounters? Bring the complex issues of mental health to your classroom through our Global Encounters international video conferencing program. The Mental Health: Awareness and Action video conference will explore issues related to mental health and illness among adolescents, such as symptoms, stigmas, and the managing of mental health and illnesses.

Join us on October 10, 2013 at: 9:00 AM-10:30 AM (GMT -7) for what we promise will be an informative and inspiring event. Register today!

If you missed out on any of our Global Encounters events earlier this year, visit our Livestream page to access recordings of past events. Learn more about this exciting program and other upcoming events!


October 21-22

This year, the Canadian Education Association conference will explore the barriers and underlying assumptions that prevents changes in the education system. The conference is titled, What’s standing in the way of change in education?

Register today to learn about different perspective and strategic actions required for them to work towards true systems change.


October 23-25

TIGed is thrilled to be once again participating in the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario's Annual Conference. This year, join TIG co-founder Michael Furdyk for a workshop on TIGed’s Future Friendly Schools program, Building Future Friendly Schools Through the Use of Collaborative Technology.

Wrap Up

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