Get Creative with Culture Connect

Culture Connect is a four week digital exchange program that has connected youth from more than 30 different countries. Each week the participants are provided with 'mini-missions' which encourage intercultural dialogue through photo uploading and discussions based on the following themes: Daily Life, My Roots, Our Vision and Our Quest.

The program uses both computer and mobile platforms, making it easy to participate. At the end of the Culture Connect program, participants will bridge cultural divides through individual and collective sharing - helping to advance diversity and multiculturalism in our civil society.

The program is not currently being offered, but if you're interested in supporting or running a Culture Connect program as part of your school or NGO, please contact us and we'd love to discuss opportunities!

This program was launched in 2013 with support from the Intercultural Innovation Award! partners

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"When young people have an opportunity to learn from the experiences of their peers around the world, the concept of 'other' shifts to an outlook of intercultural connection"

Jennifer Corriero, Co-founder, TakingITGlobal

  • Living by the Nile

    Living by the Nile


  • Old Cairo

    Old Cairo


  • Start of Rainy Season


  • Getting by the Public Transit


  • Talent Exploration


  • The Shaping of my Values