Our people

We are a group of movers and shakers. Individually, we bring our unique perspectives, creativity and talents to create a dynamic and diverse team. Together, we tirelessly pursue our passion to expand meaningful opportunity and engagement for youth around the world.

Board of Directors


Our staff and volunteers are as unique as they are hard-working. Through their passion and dedication, they are the heart of TakingITGlobal.

"A small group of thoughtful people can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead
Jennifer Corriero Co-founder; Executive Director

Recognized by Forbes in 2013 as an Innovative Rising Star in Education, Healthcare and Environment, Jennifer Corriero has designed and delivered youth engagement programs since 1999 when she co-founded TakingITGlobal. Jennifer earned her BA and Masters in Environmental Studies from York University and was appointed as Adjunct Professor by the Faculty of Health.

Michael Furdyk Co-founder; Director of Technology

Michael has appeared on Oprah, presented at TED, and was named one of Teen People's "Twenty Teens that will Change the World". Over the last decade, he has keynoted over 100 events, sharing his technology expertise and passion for youth engagement and educational reform to audiences in over 30 countries.

Liam O'Doherty Digital Youth Engagement Program Director

Liam is a community organizer with a background in sociology, semiotics, improvisation and environmental issues. When he is not connecting and mobilizing youth with innovative solutions to global challenges, he enjoys riding bikes, swimming to music, cooking without recipes and drinking copious volumes of tea.

Tania Rashid Senior Project Administrator

Tania’s passion for global issues and youth advocacy led her to TakingITGlobal, where she supports educators in inspiring others to become global citizens. She believes education is a continuous process that is shaped not only in the classroom but also by our lived experiences. When she's not connecting and mobilizing educators and youth to act on global challenges, you can find her sharing memes with her friends.

Edgar Gonzalez R. Senior Graphic & Web Designer

Originally from Mexico City, Edgar arrived to Canada in 2009 to study Graphic Design at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. Currently, he is one of the several artistic minds at TIG, working mostly for print and web design purposes as well as providing technical assistance. Big coffee drinker, foodie, animal and nature lover, and a fan of lifting heavy things.

Silvia Olteanu Senior Bookkeeper & Payments Manager

Silvia is TIG's accounting assistant. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. At TIG she is part of a team that is responsible for making sure that the flow of cost and revenue between the various projects is accurately accounted for and managed.

Susanna Lopresti Accountant

Susanna has a passion for numbers. Her tireless efforts keep the TIG team on track with their financials and reporting . She is a chartered professional accountant with many years of experience. In her spare time she loves to cook and spend quality time with her children.

Mali Bickley Classroom Collaboration Specialist

Mali is a retired teacher with 35 years experience as a classroom teacher. Over the past 18 years, she has used ICT and successfully integrated literacy and content area curriculum to have her students connect, communicate and collaborate with several classes from around the world. Mali collaborates with museums, art galleries, artists and a variety of individuals and institutions to develop content for students in remote areas of Canada for the Connected North program. In her spare time, Mali loves to travel, take photos and journal her experiences in scrapbooks.

Cristian Rojas Web Developer

From Ecuador, Cristian came to Canada when he was young and that's where he used his first computer. Since then, he has become so fond of them that his degree is in Computer Science. He likes how TIG empowers youth to understand and act on the world's greatest challenges through the use of technology and as a web developer he would like to keep helping with this greater cause.

Waukomaun Pawis Connected North Indigenous Education Coordinator

Waukomaun is an Ojibwe from Wasauksing First Nation. He has a background in the television and film industry and has travelled across Canada documenting and sharing inspiring stories from Indigenous communities across the country. He loves to experience the outdoors by camping, fishing, learning traditional survival techniques, and connecting with Mother Nature… and video games!

Magdalena Kelly Indigenous Content Partnerships and Schools Coordinator

Magdalena is Coast Salish from Stol:o Nation, born and raised in Vancouver, BC. From being a part of a dance company in New York, to a non-profit in Vancouver, Magdalena is excited to take her experience in Aboriginal business and apply it at Connected North! As Magdalena loves networking and working with people, she is excited to contribute in making a difference in Aboriginal youth’s lives.

Melissa Yaw National Program Operations Manager

Melissa is driven by a passion for global economic equality and a strong belief that today’s youth will create a more unified future. Her work over the past 14+ years in marketing communications and project management has led her to work on initiatives spanning the globe. As a Program Manager at TIG, she will leverage her expertise and acquired skills in hopes of creating lasting impacts in our communities.

Michael Solomon Indigenous Education & Youth Engagement Activator

Michael's role at TIG involves serving Connected North partner school communities as well as involving Indigenous youth throughout Turtle Island in leading projects supported by the Rising Youth Community Service Fund. He also loves to travel and has visited Peru, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany. On his spare time, Michael enjoys boxing, hockey, lacrosse and other sports.

Kayla Rosteski-Merasty Partnerships & Outreach Coordinator SK

Kayla is a Indigenous educator who was raised in Pinehouse Lake, located in northern Saskatchewan. She has a Bachelor of Education degree courtesy of University of Saskatchewan. She works towards inspiring and encouraging Indigenous youth to believe in themselves and follow their own dreams. Kayla also enjoys working out and spending time outdoors fishing, quadding, and boating with loved ones.

Shevy Parsons Applicant Support Coordinator

Shavonté is a passionate community activist with the hopes to continue to help others find the resources needed to help themselves. This local Nova Scotian Rapper/Songwriter has had the privilege to witness first hand power of community and togetherness and hopes to see it continue to be explored through her position as TIG Nova Scotia's Youth Engagement Activator!

Tinisha Steinman Technical Success Coordinator

Tinisha's love of mysteries and problem solving led her to I.T where she has found an endless number of interesting technologies to explore. She likes the way TIG uses technology to touch the lives of people in remote communities, making the world a larger place. Lover of puns, coffee and gardening, Tinisha finds the adventure in each day.

Simeh Bouh Bilingual Applicant Support Coordinator

I am very passionate about giving back and supporting those who want to make a change. I was once mentored and able to develop the confidence to utilize the greatness within me. Over the last several years, I have worked closely with several organizations and all types of youth demographics and gotten to witness people turn to leaders. I intend to keep working towards this and helping activate the greatness within our communities.

Jayson Moore Connected North Educator Engagement & School Support Coordinator

Jayson Moore is an OCT certified teacher by trade and holds an MA in Child Study and Education. His focus on culturally relevant pedagogy and social justice education led him to the Connected North program where he works as at engaging educators through curriculum-aligned virtual field trips and professional learning opportunities. Jayson is able to utilize his years of teaching experience abroad and his work with Northern communities as a researcher to help provide support to the TIG Team.

Anne-Marie Côté Online Learning and Team Development Coordinator

Anne-Marie Côté holds a Master's in Organizational Psychology, but began working with youth as a classroom teacher. She is committed to building engaging and empowering spaces to learn for all. Working for TakingITGlobal, Anne-Marie heads up the Connected North Francophone program and coordinates the personal and professional development of staff.

Brenda Sherry Connected North Education Coordinator

Brenda is Ontario educator with an M.Ed in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning from OISE who has held many roles over the past 32 years at the school, district, and provincial level. She is thrilled to have joined the TIG team as an Education Coordinator with Connected North and Code to Learn. Brenda believes that technology has the power to unite people, expand worlds, make change, amplify knowledge, and empower learners of all ages. The best days start with skiing fresh tracks with her family and great coffee!

Khayla Almonte-Davila Manager of Alumni Engagement and Mentorship

Khayla comes mostly from the world of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. She has a real knack for creating something new from just an idea, whether this be a new program, business or strategy. Khayla's experience in equity-centered design ensures that social justice and the needs of the community she's serving is at the centre of whatever she's building. Her approach to working with community is rooted in trust and reciprocity.

Meryem Talbi Grants and Logistics Administrator

Meryem has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and graduated last October from a graduate financial services program. Over the past 8 years, Meryem has worked in different fields such as Account Representative in Shenzhen, China; working for the United Nation in New York representing Moroccan Youth; and being a client service representative at MD Financial Management in Ottawa, Canada. Meryem is also very passionate about cultures, art and women empowerment.

Gabriel Gaudreau Communications and Impact Storytelling Manager

Combining the dynamic character and enthusiasm of a recent graduate with several years of experience, Gabriel is the Communications and Impact Storytelling Manager at #RisingYouth. As such, he has the privilege of sharing to the world the unique stories of passionate youths devoted to making a difference in their community. Outside from work, Gabriel loves to explore the trails, lakes, rivers and mountains of Quebec, the province he calls home.

Katie Murray Grantee Support Coordinator

Katie has a background in education and has earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of Prince Edward Island. Katie is passionate about community-building, education, and travel. A fun fact about Katie is that she loves to go on nature walks with her puppy Winnie.

Christina Muia Partnerships & Outreach Lead and Administrator

Christina is passionate about supporting youth to take up leadership and make positive changes they would like to see in their own communities. Christina is a graduate of the Strategic, Foresight and Innovation program at OCAD University. Previously, Christina worked on TIG's Rwanda Huguka Dukore project, and is excited to re-join TIG's Rising Youth Project to contribute to work that has a tangible impact on young people. Christina loves traveling, a good adventure, watching comedies and solving complex and simple problems including playing mobile games.

Loizza Aquino #RisingYouth Grants Administrator

Loizza is a global motivational speaker and social activist. In 2018 Loizza was recognized as a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant and received the YMCA Peace Medal for her advocacy surrounding mental health. Currently, Loizza is in her final year of completing her H BSc. at the University of Toronto in Mental Health, International Development and Media Studies. Loizza is passionate about helping youth develop their leadership skills and empowering youth to create positive social change within their communities.

Katie Burch Connected North Education & Partnerships Coordinator

Katie Burch has worked as an Instructional Technology Coach for the past twelve years with Public Schools, First Nations Schools, and Private Non-Profit organizations. She brings her tech knowledge and best practices to her lessons and professional development sessions. Katie has taught in remote areas of Canada and continues to work with remote communities in her role as Education & Partnership Coordinator for Connected North. She is also a Google Certified Trainer and regularly works with schools in implementing GSuite into the classroom.

Karalyn Menicoche Indigenous Education Coordinator

Karalyn is from Fort Providence, Northwest Territories. She is Dene from the Deh Gah Gotie Kue First Nation and is situated right by the mighty Mackenzie River. Karalyn is a recent graduate from Carleton University and completed a BA in Political Science with a minor in Indigenous Studies. She is a proud mother to a beautiful four-year-old boy and now resides in her home community. Karalyn is extremely thankful for unconditional love and support of her family along her life journey, which now brings her to work for TakingITGlobal as. school coordinator for Connected North.

Kimberley Dymond Connected North Education Coordinator

Kim is a high school educator with 8 years experience in the classroom and over 15 years teaching outside the box, including outdoor education, life skills training and entrepreneurial program development. While teaching in Nunavut, Kim was able to utilize the Connected North program for her students, and saw the huge impact it made on their learning. Since transitioning from the classroom, Kim has worked on both the Connected North team and with Future Pathways, ensuring students in the north have access to engaging content and experiences to widen their perspectives. In her free time, Kim loves to travel with her husband or work in her trial and error veggie garden.

Marc Basque Indigenous & Northern Resource and Media Coordinator

Voted Funniest Grad by Harrison Trimble High School’s class of 2007, Marc has been riding that high for the past 13 years. A survivor of the advertising world, where they honed their storytelling chops as a Lead Copywriter & Video Director, Marc has decided to use these skills for good to give youth across Turtle Island a platform to tell their own stories. Along with being a lifelong cinephile, Marc is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and pro-wrestling, but only hosts a podcast about one of those things.

Vivian Mai Bilingual Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Vivian has a diverse background, having experience in financial analysis, illustration and childcare. These different qualities come together to form one individual. She truly believes innovation and passion can come from any source and be found in anyone. In her spare time, you can find her curled up reading a book or watching an animated movie, all while accompanied by her latest foster cat.

Sarah Gallant #RisingYouth Program Administrator

Sarah has a background in research with youth across Atlantic Canada and using unique methods to help youth share their journeys to impact change. Her educational experiences in psychology and mental health services influenced her passion towards improving programs, education, and awareness in this area. In her free time Sarah loves yoga, being at the beach, and listening to music.

Michelle Budiwski Connected North School Lead & Indigenous Student Engagement Coordinator

Michelle is originally from Northern Manitoba and have lived in Thompson, The Pas, Cranberry Portage and even Churchill before relocating to Rivers. Michelle has a passion for entrepreneurship with 14 small business start ups in the past 25 years including businesses such as a local fitness studio, administrative services, bookkeeping, residential house cleaning and the first Escape Room to open in the province outside of Winnipeg. Working with TIG and especially with the Connected North Program seems like a perfect combination for her to use all of her passions to create new opportunities and experiences for and with others.

Alex Arseneau Bilingual Partnerships and Outreach Coordinator

Alex is a community organizer, youth advocate and social justice activist. Environmental issues and decolonization are his priorities. Alex is a strong believer in participatory democracy, direct action, and citizen-based innovations for global challenges and struggles. He has a background in sociology and philosophy. He enjoys reading, biking, hiking, swimming, and camping. Alex is also an amateur permaculture gardener and a pretty well-traveled individual. He has hitchhiked and slept in his tent in almost 50 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Kyle Napier Connected North School Lead & Indigenous Student Engagement Coordinator

Kyle is Dene/nêhiyaw Métis from Tthebacha (Fort Smith, Northwest Territories). He has dedicated himself to the revitalization of the Indigenous languages of his lineage. As a lifelong media-maker, Kyle has interwoven digital technologies with language learning, digital literacy, and community engagement. Kyle designs web pages, video, sound projects, video games, curriculum, and communication strategies to support these co-learning environments. Kyle holds an MA — Communications and Technology (’21) and a B.Comm. — Journalism (’14).

Serei Jeppesen Connected North School Lead & Indigenous Student Engagement Coordinator

Serei is an Anishnaabe Cree Métis from the Michele First Nation. She has completed her Master's in Education with a focus in Indigenous Perspectives in Curriculum. Serei loves working with youth to see creative solutions happen. She also loves reading, speaking Spanish and hanging out with her family - which of course includes her two boxers!

Rebecca Moon Online Education Coordinator

Rebecca is the Online Education Coordinator of the Centre for Global Education. She has a B.Ed. from the University of Alberta in Secondary Education and with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Mathematics. Rebecca comes from a rural area in Northern Alberta and has had the pleasure to work closely with many Indigenous youth in the classroom before coming to CGE. She often says she has a million hobbies from knitting, to video games, to hiking, to playing with her pug Walter!

Lily Aniwaya Bilingual Grantee Support Coordinator

Lily is from Montreal, QC. Mi?kmaq/French Canadian. Pastel digital artist and manga/anime painter. Martial Artist. Master of Taekwondo, Kung fu and Muay Thai. Student of the elements, student of the world. Fighter for the Youth, indigenous and human rights. A rebel with a cause and a path red as the land. Wela'lin.

Gabrielle Chabot Partnerships & Outreach Lead and Administrator

Tansi! My name is Gabrielle, and feel free to call me Gabby as well. I am from Treaty 8 Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, and was raised in Northern Alberta. My educational background is Indigenous Mental Health and my work background has been diverse in Human Services, with a focus on Indigenous populations in and around Edmonton, Alberta. My culture is Everything to me, and also my cat named Kimmie. Also, I like to paint.

Devona Helwig Bookkeeping Administrator

Devona has finally found a use for their chronic habit of balancing too many things at once in becoming the Office, HR, and Bookkeeping Administrator at TIG. Drawing from 9 jobs and 3 fields of study in the past 12 years of their life, they bring a wide range of knowledge tidbits wherever they go, hoping to form it all into a decent quilt of experience to keep them warm for the future. They're also a regular video game streamer on Twitch, but you can try to find that one on your own.


We are extremely lucky to host an incredible team of volunteers who share their talents, time and enthusiasm to support our staff, programmes and projects. Volunteer cycles run three times yearly, in September, January, and May.

"The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have."

- Leonard Nimoy

Virtual Volunteers

We are extremely grateful to our online volunteers, who give us both their time and talents to
make the TakingITGlobal community everything it can be.
Get to know our online volunteers!

Online Community Volunteers

  • 'Jide Oluwafemi Jinadu
  • Abraham Vargheese
  • Achieng Beatrice Nas
  • Ahmed Bahaa
  • Ajay Kumar Uprety
  • Akua Nyame-Mensah
  • Alok Kumar Mishra
  • Amanda Mazur
  • Aminou Ndala TITA
  • Amos
  • Ana Claudia Penetra
  • Angela Chan
  • Anu maheshwari
  • Anupreet Kaur
  • Arrey Emmanuel Enow
  • Arun Budhathoki
  • Ayman El Hakea
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  • Caroline Guillet
  • Charu Gupta
  • Cheick Tidiane DABO
  • Clement Matorwmasen
  • Cristina Leger
  • Danning
  • Doug Arseneault
  • edith asamani
  • Ekaterina Khaletskaya
  • Elizabeth
  • Farid Ullah Khan
  • fridswide chapewa tute
  • Ganesh Acharya
  • Hala
  • Hashem Khalid Daghestani
  • Hayk Hakobyan
  • isiguzo iheanyi
  • Jane Pervoi
  • Jenelle B
  • Jennifer Fong
  • Jessica Z
  • Jonathan Tang
  • kanda
  • Karishma
  • Lenore
  • Lieketseng
  • Madhushan
  • Manudi Nushara Vidanapathirana
  • mar
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  • maryam habib
  • Mayang Arum Anjar Rizky
  • Meeckel B Beecher
  • Melvin Mathew Stephen
  • Mindy
  • Miora Raf
  • monica narla
  • Nathan Ming Kun Aw
  • Nehemiya
  • Nestor Maslej
  • Nisreen
  • Nohline Akinyi Ouma
  • Nyeko Bosco
  • Ola'lekan Babatunde
  • Paul Opoku-Nkrumah
  • Philippe MENKOUE
  • Plosha Khan
  • Raisa Bhuiyan
  • Rajel Oumar Boilil
  • Rhodora
  • Saeed Al Abdulsalam
  • Saif Al Sharji
  • Samantha Hodder
  • Samuel Lee
  • Samuel-Malachi Odekunle
  • Sara Omar
  • Sarunas Zableckis
  • Sriya Potham
  • Sujan Jirel
  • Surya Gaire
  • Tamara Donaldson
  • Test Volunteer
  • Thu Nguyen
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  • William M. Reynolds
  • willingham odekualem oba
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  • Youssef Chouni

Multilingual Volunteers

  • Abeya El Bakry
  • Alessandro Barbonetti
  • Amir Alexander Karim
  • Anja Huber
  • Annette Förster
  • Ashraf
  • Awosusi Oluwatope
  • Ayad Ajel
  • azam shaghaghi
  • benedicte kouassi
  • Cara Kim
  • Carolily
  • clemel
  • Dave Marshall
  • Diogo Augusto Correia
  • Elaine
  • Elizabeth Arceo
  • Elizaveta Belyakova
  • Fabio Sceni
  • Farzana Yesmin
  • Felix Hofmann
  • Flávio Costa
  • Ghizlane Oudelouarde
  • Giuseppe Silvi
  • Ibrahim
  • Ignacio Barbeito
  • Inga Wenderoth
  • Ishta Xavier
  • Islam Arafat
  • Jana De Poorter
  • Joel Gatama
  • Julia Linn
  • Kamal Hamani
  • Khan Md. Anwarus Salam
  • Latif
  • Lawrence Lin
  • Luz Nolasco
  • M'BAHIA N'guessan
  • Macocinschi Maria Cristina
  • Mahsa Taheran
  • Mariam
  • Md.Joynal Abedin
  • Melania M
  • Michael Awiti
  • Min Chun
  • Mira Florian
  • Mohamed El Kashash
  • Mohammad Javad Torabi
  • Mohammad Qaddam Sidq Isa
  • Mokhtar Omar
  • Mostafa Rady Mahmoud Mohamed Shahat
  • Muhammad Hafiz
  • Mümtaz Derya Tarhan
  • Nico Couto
  • Nicole Bowers
  • Nur Gülce İşkan
  • Parastoo
  • Pascal Bekono
  • Patricia
  • R Kahendi
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  • S.M. Mamunur Rasid
  • Sara
  • Sarah Pemberton
  • Selim AZIZOGLU
  • shahd kandiel
  • Shebbir
  • Silvina Lindner
  • Sina MrK
  • Sira
  • Sohyeung Kim
  • talia delgado
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  • Yikai Zhang
  • Yuliya
  • Yuriko Matayoshi
  • Zeynep Alara Saltık
  • Zohra Akseer

Board of Directors

Andre Morriseau Board Member

A member of the Fort William First Nation (Thunder Bay) where he maintains a home, Mr. Morriseau is based in Toronto. Over the past 20 years Andre has served on numerous boards of directors including the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival, Native American Journalist’s Association (NAJA), the Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre and is currently serving as a Director on the Anishnawbe Health Foundation board.

In 2003 Mr. Morriseau was chosen as one of the first three recipients of the City of Toronto Aboriginal Affairs Award. In 2015 he received the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) Canada’s Youth Role Model of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award for anti-bullying and gender diversity and serves presently as co-chair of their annual gala in Toronto.

Andre has gained a reputation for promoting and supporting Aboriginal arts and public affairs. As former host of Nation to Nation on the former Aboriginal Voices Radio network, CKAV 106.5 FM, and UrbaNative at CIUT University of Toronto, he shared countless stories of Indigenous peoples and their experiences. As well he has volunteered his time for many years with Nationtalk.ca Canada’s Premier Aboriginal Newswire where many of his interviews with the who’s who of the Aboriginal world can be listened to on the New Media section of the newswire.

For five exciting years Andre worked as the Secretariat for the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (NAAF) now Indspire and three years as the Communications Officer for the Chiefs of Ontario (COO). He served 3 consecutive 3 year terms on the James Bartleman Aboriginal Youth Creative Writing Awards Jury and currently is the Communications Manager for the Ontario Native Women's Association.

Chivon John Board Member

To ‘hustle with intention’ is at the center of Chivon John’s work as a Wellbeing Strategist, Speaker and Entrepreneur. In a world that encourages wearing our accomplishments and accolades as badges of honour, Chivon pulls back the curtain on what is revered as success (money, power and ‘likes’) to reveal a life of more meaning and purpose. Recognized as a Top 100 Black Woman to Watch in Canada and Black Canadian Role Model, Chivon uses her own experiences and research rooted in positive psychology to teach individuals and organizations how to bridge the gap between achievement and fulfillment.

As a Speaker and Advocate, she frequently presents on topics ranging from mental health & wellness, self care for entrepreneurs and workplace wellbeing. A Toronto, Ontario native, Chivon is an alumna of York University (Honours B.A) and completed a certificate in Positive Psychology from Laurier University.

Chivon currently works as Global Wellness Specialist at Shopify.

Ellen Ratchye-Foster Board Member

Ellen Ratchye-Foster is Principal of Burning Glass Consulting. Previously Chief Context Officer at Fallon Worldwide, the ad agency, her clients included BMW, Citi, Purina, Nordstrom, Sony Europe, and Timberland. A trend analyst, her observations have been quoted in TIME, Newsweek, Business Week & AdWeek. Ellen earned a B.A. in Germanic languages and literature at Harvard College and a Masters in comparative literature from the University of Minnesota, with a focus on German film and literature. She has studied and taught in Norway and Germany.

Jasper Buys Board Member

Jasper is an Organizational Psychologist and Senior Consultant with EY’s People Advisory Services practice in Canada. His key interest is applying Positive Organizational Psychology to improve the world of work.

Jasper’s 15-year career has been focused on unlocking individual, team, and organizational potential through Learning, Strategy, Change Readiness, and Leadership initiatives. He has worked as a youth worker, soft skills facilitator, and training manager in South Africa, and as a strategic planning facilitator, Athabasca University director, and consultant in Canada. Consulting work to date includes Social Return on Investment analyses for federal, provincial, and municipal government agencies and social enterprises, and Learning and Change Readiness work for major natural resources companies and the federal government.

Jasper is also a certified health coach and an advocate/facilitator of workplace mental health and mindfulness initiatives. He has served on the boards of the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Alberta and NWT Chapter, and currently serves on the boards of Taking IT Global , and The PREP Program, with a focus on neurodiversity inclusion, professional development, and youth advocacy. Jasper’s formal education includes a Master of Social Sciences degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Cape Town, Bachelor of Social Sciences and Honours degrees from the University of Pretoria, and certification as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach through the US-based Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Jasper is a member of the International and Canadian Positive Psychology Associations.

He is also a classical singer occasionally guesting with Calgary’s Luminous Voices professional choir and more permanently with Spiritus Chamber Choir. Jasper lives in Calgary with his wife, two young daughters, and their Labrador.

Karen Bird Board Member

Karen is a strong believer and proponent of financial planning and works tirelessly to educate her community - working with Senior Executives, Professionals, Incorporated Professionals, Owners/Managers, and Charitable Organizations. Karen was formerly the Renewable Energy and Housing Director at Batchewana First Nation, and is a Project Management Professional. She was the winner of the 2015 Influential Women of Northern Ontario’s Aboriginal Leadership Award, and 2019 ATHENA Leadership Award.

Karen is currently the Assistant Branch Manager for RBC Dominion Securities in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Matthew Pupic Treasurer

Matthew Pupic is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Net Business Advantage Inc. (www.netba.ca) a GTA-based organization providing financial consulting services and management advice for the not-for-profit and charity sector. Matthew has over a decade of senior financial management experience and brings proven abilities which include strategic planning, budgeting, business management and cost improvement. Previously Matthew was the Senior Director of Finance and Operations at Pollution Probe and was responsible for ensuring sound financial oversight and office management for the organization.

Ron Mitchell President

Ron Mitchell has held numerous senior executive and general management positions including Executive Vice President of Marketing with Fujitsu America, Compaq Canada, EDS Canada and MCI Systemhouse. He is also on the board of directors of a $25 million charitable foundation, a number of other business and community advisory boards, and is very active in fund-raising initiatives that support childhood cancer programs in Canada and the US.

Virginia Mantycki Board Member

Virginia Mantycki is a Consultant and Facilitator with FranklinCovey, a global professional services firm focussed on helping clients achieve sustained superior performance. She brings extensive experience in organizational learning & leadership development. Her background includes founder of Business Unusual; Associate, Johnston Smith International; Director, Right Management Consultants; Vice President, Sales & Client Services, MICA, and Executive Officer, MICA World.