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What is an Open Forum?

You can organize or participate in an Open Forum taking place in your local school, cybercafé, or other local venue. As an offline component of TakingITGlobal, Open Forums give TIG members and young people from a particular country the opportunity to meet and discuss relevant issues that they deal with in their communities. Open Forums are also a great opportunity to network and plan around projects, TIG's Monthly Themes, and major global campaigns and events.

How many participants should attend an Open Forum? Click here for suggestions!

Do you need funding and space for the Open Forum? Click here for more information!

Are you affiliated with an organization interested in becoming a partner and supporting Open Forums locally?

If the answer is yes, TakingITGlobal suggests that you first read the Benefits and Guidelines for Open Forum Partner Organizations and fill out the Application Form to join the list of Open Forum Partner Organizations.

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