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Youth Solidarity Mural

Peace & Conflict      October 30, 2014

The chilly morning of October 29, 2014 a crowd gathered up by the side of the main doors of OCAD to give young artist Pablo Munoz a warm welcome to commemorate and congratulate him as being the winner of the 4th Wall for the Youth Solidarity Project. The Michaelle Jean Foundation and the Art Gallery of Ontario together, celebrate World Pride 2014 by giving young artists a platform to break silence, solitude and struggle against prejudice through national arts contest, a digital art...

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Extreme Intentions

Human Rights      October 29, 2014

“Wherever men and women are condemned to live in extreme poverty, human rights are violated. To come together to ensure that these rights be respected is our solemn duty.” Joseph Wresinski October 17th was the international day to acknowledge the eradication of poverty. I’m not sure we can ever end poverty, but we can end the extreme nature of it. The stuff that gets in the way of life, of living and relationships – the implications are indeed extreme - malaria,...

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Girl Child Day Celebration

Culture      October 29, 2014

Around a month ago I had the chance to speak at TIG’s celebration of Girl Child Day among different girls from around the world and it was such an amazing experience for me that I wanted to share it here for everyone. My talk was mainly about women in Egypt, my participation in CaiRollers, the roller derby team in Egypt, and my own women role models. So, here is what I’ve talked about that day. Women exist in almost every field in the society but, unfortunately, as a minority....

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UN Contribution to the World

Education      October 25, 2014

On the day the United Nations was established, it is worth recognizing the important role it has played on the global stage since its inception and remembering its various achievements that have contributed to making our world a better place. The creation of the United Nations was designed to mitigate the deleterious effects of the hitherto purely anarchical international system that had led to the maintenance of colonialism under the suzerainty of the League of Nations. Its founding charter...

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We All Need a Future That We Can Look Forward To

Education      October 23, 2014

Promoting Inclusion and Dignity through Creativity in Arviat, Nunavut Over this past week, I had the absolute joy of spending time with children and youth in Arviat as part of my very first trip to Nunavut. During my stay, we organized a range of activities together with Daniel Kooveanatuk, TakingITGlobal’s newly selected Nunavut Youth Engagement Coordinator. I met Daniel through his involvement with the Moments of Inclusion Art Project, led by TakingITGlobal in partnership...

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The Roots of Justice

Education      October 15, 2014

Elonnie Junius Josey urges librarians to remember the roots of justice through his oration of John Berry Meachum’s journey from slavery to freedom in 1789. Meachum eventually became a successful carpenter, and cabinetmaker in St. Louis and bought his freedom. At the time the laws of the State of Missouri prohibited black children from learning how to read. Meachum built a river boat and fitted it with classrooms, and anchored it in the middle of the Mississippi away from the state of...

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