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通过阅读世界各地的TakingITGlobal 会员的经历来获得灵感

takondwa kaliwo


I am inspired by the power of faith. I have always met people in hard situations but they always survive because they believe in something. Whether its God, Creation Or Politics. I am always impressed by people who go through hard times because they believe one day it is going to be better. I am inspired by children and people who take challenges everyday.


I am mostly involved in rural development. I have spent more than five years working with the rural masses mostly semi-literate people in various poverty alleviation projects. I am a community mobilizer and mostly use theater for development as a tool for behavior change. I have been working with various NGO's in all the districts in Malawi, and I think all these people need is a chance!


I think a good leader must first understand the group of people he/she is working with. Every group has its dynamics and a good leader must be able to bring out potential without bringing resistance, and I think a good leader directs rather than dictates.


I think TakingITGlobal can help me achieve my goals because I am exposed to a lot of people and information I need in my field.
Right now I have already contacted a lot of people currently involved in my field who can share with me various experiences and information.
TakingITGlobal works!

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