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Understanding Climate Change (Environment)
by Ghatta A.Bah, Gambia
The Earth's atmosphere does the same thing as a greenhouse, which is used for growing crops in controlled climate conditions. In a greenhouse, the sun shines through the glasses, making the inside...

Youth and change (Culture)
by richa mathur, India
Picture, “Palestinian Culture-Traditional Wedding”, by Areej Atalla Times change and so do we! Change is the only constant thing in this universe. India is a country rich in a culture...

My calling (Health)
by Edelqueen Shioso, Kenya
Hallo! I am 21 years old and a 3rd-year university student. Some years back, when I was 15-years-old, I got herpes zoster. I later found out that I had HIV. I am the lastborn in a family of...

A Divided Youth (Media)
by Alaka H, Bangladesh
[Note: This is my article entry for the 'Panorama and Global Gallery Contest', http://yfc.tigweb.org/getinvolved/contest.html?ec=556,268089] Although I am from Bangladesh, I have friends from...

My experience as an intern at Junior Achievement Nigeria (Education)
by Kubiateno Michael Ekong, Nigeria
My name is Ekong Kubiateno Michael. I obtained my secondary education at Access High School, Calabar, Cross River State. I aspire to study Economics at one of the prestigious universities in the...

Technology- more of man's abuse! (Technology)
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
I have read the many articles on the way the {"Foreign"} hackers have worked their way into destroying many a web connection, or interfering with web connections to try to collect "codes". This, of...

ليس هربا من الموت ولكن إصرارا على الحياة (Peace & Conflict)
by Mahmoud M. AlBurbar, Palestine
Picture, "Gaza Saber", by Shareef Sarhan . ليس هربا من الموت ولكن إصرارا على الحياة " قصة حقيقية من قلب غزة " بقلم : محمود مصطفى البربار ناشط شبابي غزة – فلسطين . صحيح أن هذا الجيل...

Volunteering in Latin America and Online (Informal/Experiential Learning)
by Samantha
I have worked and volunteered with several non-profit organizations in Canada and Latin America and the experiences I have had have been incredibly enriching. While volunteering in rural...

Is it worth it? (Political Thought)
by Mike, Uganda
(Picture, Children in a displaced camp- Uganda , by Andrew Kaggwa ) Politics is not a career of the smartest people. Yet, everything else rotates around it. This is my experience in my...

Srinagar in the Spring of 2009 (Culture)
by svenja bary, India
Mounting the plane bound for Srinagar from New Delhi, I bump shoulders with Indian soldiers tagged with double “R”s on their sleeves. Others have the word “Artillery” stitched to their collars. I...

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