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Addressing depression and suicide among aboriginal Ontario youth (Opinions) 9-05-2010
by Pauline Fogarty
What do you think the leading cause of death is in Northwestern Ontario? Vehicle-related accidents? Cancer? Gang Violence? The reality is that suicide, a preventable but deadly community issue, takes the most lives. Due to isolation, there is a...

Finding Peace of Mind (Opinions) 10-01-2007
by fonkenmun finley Gana
All living beings have the same basic wish to be happy and avoid suffering, but very few people understand the real causes of happiness and suffering. We generally believe that external conditions such as food, friends, cars, and money are the...

Je regrette... (Opinions) 19-04-2010
by Nelly Bee
Picture, "Adult depression," by Surya Gaire Il nous arrive quelques fois de regretter des tas de choses dans notre vie quotidienne. Seulement, on ne s’aperçoit pas de l’absurdité de ce sentiment : le regret. Parfois, on a recours à ce...

Laughter is the best meditation (Poetry) 13-03-2010
by Priya Verma
Laughter has a beauty Is multi-dimensional It helps relax Body and mind Just the touch of laughter can make life Something to be grateful about This is an art Of living that modern man must Inculcate Laughter is the only human...

Man's mind (Poetry) 5-08-2008
by Bilal Hamamra
This is not but an image caught at the shore Man's Mind is as the Sea In that both have throbbing beings within What the tides cast to shores marks the difference

Mental health in the African context (Opinions) 24-02-2010
by Ajayi titi
The word health has dual meaning. The first is a state of well-being whereby an individual is free of illness, and the other is the state of mental well-being of the individual. Mental well being is yet to find its true foundation in some African...

THE MIND (Opinions) 27-08-2007
by Stephen O. Silas
The mind is the power of thinking and understanding, a place where thoughts, feelings and creative reasoning exist. The mind indeed can be brilliant or intelligent a word of deference exist between brilliance and intelligence, off cause it is...

The Spectre of Cannibalism in Sub-Saharan Africa (Opinions) 24-09-2009
by Norma
The era of AIDS has birthed strange happenings in Kenya and across the sub-Saharan African (SSA) region in general. Earlier during the epidemic, it was rumored that a sexual encounter with a virgin could cure one of HIV/ AIDS. This helped to...