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Africa and International Migration (Opinions) 6-01-2007
by Henry Ekwuruke
Migration is currently at the center of debates between the mainly poor sending countries and the richer receiving nations. While the industrialized countries are promoting easier flows of capital, goods and services, they are at the same time...

Climate Change and Migration (Opinions) 8-02-2009
by Michael Boampong
Climate change has become one of the most topical issues of our era. However whilst much attention is focused on its effects on the environment, thus far little attention has been placed on how it will affect migration. This in itself leads us...

Crab's Law or the Physics of Immigration (Opinions) 25-05-2006
by Wilson
I remember the first time I saw the Pacific Ocean in the coast of Ecuador. A young man had several buckets full of crabs on display for sale under a tiny palm tree kiosk. Interestingly enough the crabs were alive and untied, having free movement...

FORCE MIGRATION (Demolition Exercise) (Short Story) 10-01-2007
by Stephen O. Silas
1. Earth quack Development and Redesigning of city plan Rerouting Conflict Flood War 2. It was a serious tribal problem that letter resulted to war at last; we have now forcefully leaved our land and community to...

Immigration Policy as Population Policy (Opinions) 20-01-2004
by jenkins
Canadian immigration policy has turned into the nation’s population policy and how this state of affairs is changing and creating a different social and population geography. By looking at the evidence “Fertility levels are below the replacement...

Marioliva Gonzalez on Youth Migration (Interviews) 25-07-2006
by Mariya Petrova
On July 12, 2006 was held the United Nations Informal Interactive Hearings with NGOs, Civil Society and the Private Sector on International Migration and Development. Marioliva Gonzalez was the only youth speaker and the sole NGO representative...

Migration of Nepalese Youth for Foreign Employment: Problems and Prospects (Opinions) 31-05-2006
by Prakash Bhattarai
A huge number of Nepalese workers go abroad to work in the absence of fruitful local employment opportunities. Migration is nothing new to Nepal, and the total stock of Nepalese nationals working overseas (excluding about one million in India) in...

Migration: the New Storytelling? (Opinions) 16-01-2007
by Wilson
You and I have heard that not long ago our ancestors used to gather around the fire pit every night and listen to the elders tell stories, most of which were fascinating for they brought always amazing adventures lived by people like us, sometimes...

Robert Sagun on Youth Migration (Interviews) 31-07-2006
by Mariya Petrova
Robert Sagun is currently the Executive Director of the Philippine Resources for Sustainable Development, Inc. and Policy Coordinator of the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Youth Caucus. He was one of the youth spokespersons at...

Souls of my love... Come home (Poetry) 24-04-2008
by Adelusi Oluwafemi Temidayo-Don
Souls of my love are still in exile and lonely: My little brother Africa in his fantasy Now running beyond his favourite playground, Where we are gleeful with warmth, hug unexceptionally and of course, Kiss for our sweetest life My...

Youth Migration from Africa (Opinions) 30-08-2006
by Stephen N. Asek
The departure of youth migrants and their arrival in host countries generates a wide range of problems relating to economic, demographic, social and health issues on the one hand and socio-economic benefits on the other hand in their countries of...

Youth Participation in Migration And Development (Interviews) 18-07-2006
by Mariya Petrova
Fabrizio Scrollini representing SUMANDO Uruguay was one of the spokespersons at the United Nations Informal Interactive Hearings with NGOs, Civil Society and the Private Sector on International Migration and Development held on July 12, 2006....