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Agroforestry: Reducing Hunger and Poverty in Rural Communities (Opinions) 18-11-2006
by Benhildah Chihota-Masuka
According to a report by Pinstrup-Anderson and Pandya-Lorch (2001), the global demand for food (cereal and meat) is rising yet farmers in both developing and developed countries are experiencing slow growth in agricultural production. This is...

E-Agriculture: Defining a New Paradigm for Agricultural Development (Opinions) 15-09-2006
Since the beginning of the information revolution many applications of the internet and related technologies have been sought and deployed in virtually all fields of human endeavour Today we talk about e-commerce , e-banking, e-governance even...

Eradicating Poverty through Agriculture (Opinions) 23-03-2007
by .
Poverty and hunger are complex problems for which there are no simple solutions. Poverty affects both rural and urban areas, and is associated with social problems such as malnutrition, disease, violence and poor education. The line between cause...

Food Insecurity in Canada: Food Banks, Injustice, and Social Inequality (Opinions) 27-06-2005
by Shannon Richardson
When one thinks of hunger and malnutrition, one often thinks of the third-world. However, food insecurity is a problem that is also plaguing industrialized nations. A visit to any local supermarket in Canada, with its thousands of readily, always...

Food: A Political or Nutritional Tool? (Opinions) 6-06-2005
by Yara Kassem
Can you think, make vital and important decisions, talk and even joke when you’re still hungry? What about those entire populations spending years in hunger, or even those who cannot afford to get the food for their children? Food is...

Genetically Modified Foods in Africa: The Chain Termination Sequence (Opinions) 9-06-2005
by Antony Felix O. O. Simbowo
The era of genetically manipulated foods is here with us. Africa and the Third World must wake up to this realization. Within the decade, there has been an avalanche of agro biotechnology companies spreading their wings to the developing world,...

Harvest in the Cities: Urbanization in the Developing World (Opinions) 19-04-2007
by .
Today, about three billion people live in cities, or a little fewer than half the world's population. By 2025, the number of the city dwellers will almost double, to some 5.5 billion, 60 percent of a global population which will by then have...

Mémorandum des Jeunes Africains contre la signature des Accords de Partenariat Economiques sous leur forme actuelle. (Opinions) 14-10-2007
Le continent Africain entretient, depuis plusieurs années des relations commerciales avec le reste du Monde en général et l’Europe en particulier. Ces relations se traduisent le plus souvent par des Accords commerciaux qui profitent généralement...

New technology for boosting agricultural productivity and monitoring the environment. (Opinions) 16-03-2007
by .
Agricultural researchers are introducing new technology that could set the stage for historic increases in African food production and provide the first practical tool available for monitoring compliance in environmental service schemes. The...

Recession vs. Life (Short Story) 12-07-2009
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
As I shed my tears upon some of the ways that the Costa Rican people survive in life, I have to also withdraw the same tears. Many of the Costa Rican people have nothing. The weather is in their favor, as it is never cold enough to take your...

The Beautiful Ones are Here. (Poetry) 22-11-2006
by Zoe Chuks Ofunne.
Once apon a time in the land of flowers there came the powers from the ploughers to pluck our beautiful flowers our flowers were lost gone in the winds of ill time so the ploughers were cursed while they were not at their prime The...

The Food of the Future (Opinions) 15-03-2005
by Aravind Chandrasekaran
“It is a major blow to the proponents of GM food.” declared Clare Oxborrow in an interview to BBC World. This was hours after the U.S. agri-chemical company Monsanto announced on May 10th, 2004 that it would not try to market a strain of GM wheat...

War of greens: counting of food miles concept, is it a good idea? (Opinions) 21-03-2007
by .
Food miles can be defined as the distance traveled by a food product from its source to the consumer’s plate. The longer the distance, the more pollution caused by the food on its transit- a combination of the fuel emissions and packaging and...