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A journey that begins in the end (Short Story) 12-03-2008
by jean celeste paredes
There was once a girl who lived alone in a small farm by the woods. She lived a simple but a happy life in isolation. She felt the best way to live a life was in solitude for she found freedom to do things that she wanted to do. She had once...

Believe (Poetry) 13-10-2009
by Sumukhi
Since the time I was a child I had many dreams, subtle & wild I knew I wanted to be famous one day And would do whatever it took to get to that day Today, as i still feel that dream I feel I am getting closer each day The battles are...

Challenging (Opinions) 26-11-2003
by Adam Fletcher
“Volunteerism isn't right! Matter of fact, it is not good at all." With that, Mister Sankton ended his speech, complete with "Amen!" and "Hallelujah!" coming from the crowd gathered. I was a 19-year-old at a neighborhood meeting in the...

Circle of my life (Poetry) 18-05-2008
by Neda
Seems I lost my way again Seems it's the same old pain Seems yet my efforts are being shattered And thieves have yet stolen my gain Seems the sky is rising away Seems the moon has destroyed my way Seems my wish is not coming soon And dark...

Culture, Learning and Schooling (Opinions) 1-08-2007
by Khadim Hussain
One sometimes wonders what could have been the situation in the former British colonies if the modern schooling system had not been installed. Was it possible for western capitalism to spread its tentacles to the far off lands without using the...

Distance learning in Pakistan (Opinions) 20-06-2005
by Abdul Khalique
Education is the basic right of all human beings and to some extent it is the government’s responsibility to make sure that best education and best institutions are available to everyone. But in Pakistan, high quality education is very expensive...

Dreams (Opinions) 6-06-2008
by Royal kenneth Chima
Dreams, according to the Oxford dictionary, are a sequence of scenes and feelings occurring in the mind during sleep. They can also be ambitions or ideals, especially when they are not very realistic. For this context, I am not looking at the...

Drop that file! (Opinions) 20-05-2008
by Ritchie Felix
Drop that file, because what is inside is not helpful in the presence of glaring economic mishaps. It was a tradition in the past that men and women who graduated from universities held their heads up and squared their shoulders in balance as they...

HIV positive with a positive attitude (Poetry) 2-10-2009
by Mutebi Bwakya
This is my story, I'm positive with HIV. My thoughts filled with visions of places I'll never see, Places I'll never go, with people I'll never know; All for the reason that death is knocking at my door. So I'm feeling quite helpless as I...

Inspiring youth and reducing crime (Opinions) 29-04-2008
by Osita McEvidence
“Understanding is total comprehension that leads to application. When it comes, you become outstanding.” Crime is an activity that involves breaking the law or an illegal act or activity that can be punished by law. It is an act that you think...

Life (Poetry) 3-01-2008
by Fadayomi 'Lanre.I
Life is full of ups and downs. Life is filled with intrigues of men, Intrigues that cannot be understood by the knowledge of men, Abstract in its knowledge, Difficult in its understanding. People with diverse mentality, People with different...

Make a comeback (Poetry) 13-10-2009
by Sumukhi
We all grow up with big, big dreams Not knowing really what they mean They get lost on the way somewhere Always thinking, one day we will get there A thousand opportunities come our way Its all in the mind, is what some say All we have to...

Meet Jennifer Wells (Interviews) 4-10-2009
by Romina Oliverio
Jennifer Wells joined NABUUR in early 2008. She has contributed to countless projects, and currently serves as online project manager for a handful of projects, mainly focusing on disabilities issues. In her excerpt, Jennifer shares with us how...

Meet Noel Ortiz (Interviews) 4-10-2009
by Romina Oliverio
Noel joined NABUUR almost three years ago. Since he first became involved, he has supported various online projects, including facilitating a project in Uganda working to set up a vocational training centre for youth in the community. Below Noel...

Meet Tanja Simidtchieva (Interviews) 1-10-2009
by Romina Oliverio
Tanja Simidtchieva has been an online volunteer with NABUUR since 2007. Since joining NABUUR, she has undertaken various roles, including that of online project manager. Below she shares her experiences with online volunteering, and the projects...

Meet Vikram Sainadh (Interviews) 5-10-2009
by Romina Oliverio
Vikram is a Toronto-based volunteer who joined NABUUR in 2007. Dedicating his time to various online projects, including taking on a project management role, he shares below his take on online volunteering and his experiences so far. "Apart...

Mr Mistake (Poetry) 15-11-2009
by sharon
Why do you have to hurt so, burn so and shame so? Is it because you are here to teach a lesson? Your existence is through our making And good to say, one has learnt once you have been made. You are like a revolving axis going around and...

My love! (Poetry) 7-09-2009
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
To my Wife and "Family {EVERYONE!}" Don't dwell on the moment of mistakes, except to learn. Don't try and undo the bad breaks, it's no more your concern. Make up each day with the minute you have, and give it to those who do not. It only...

My walk, my talk (Poetry) 6-07-2008
by Ryno Julio Platt
Every day and every night I proceed on this journey called life, Trying to keep clear my sight in the midst of my internal strife. At the break of dawn I'm marching on, in search of a brighter light, Trying not to play it wrong, trying to stay...

Oral traditions: A view from Jamaica (Opinions) 15-08-2010
by Meeckel B Beecher
Picture, “Elgon Dance Troupe”, by Elgon Youth Brass Band Jamaican society, as we know it today, is reflective of an eclectic group of ancestors from around the world. What we now call Jamaican culture is a mixture of attributes of people...

Reflections… 2007 (Poetry) 6-07-2008
by Ryno Julio Platt
As I reflect on 2007, I look back; see my friend Rueben go to heaven. So much hurt, heartache and tears, I'm lucky to have made it though last year, it appears. Because so many of my people made their exit, It has me wondering who life’s...

Should I? (Poetry) 24-01-2008
by Johnson Kayode Jedidiah
Should I say words fail my expression Like when Paul was caught up to paradise? @ first I thought it was lust, But the closer i get to U The more I believe this is real. Feelings are fickle, that U know, So I don't expect only emotions...

Stop (Poetry) 25-03-2008
by slmservices
Stop. Stop running about aimlessly. Stop rushing all around; Stop wasting your life. Stop running after the clock; it will only make you end up like itself. The clock keeps running round and round but never advances in a positive...

The Little Dash (Opinions) 30-03-2008
by Remish Gasiano
We were at the burial of our beloved friend and brother who died of AIDS-related illnesses. He was the third person we were burying in just one month. Everyone knew how intelligent he was. And his talent in Soccer was an open secret. He was just...

The memoirs of a dying star: Part 1 (Short Story) 5-05-2008
by Samuel-Malachi Odekunle
As I lie here wondering what life holds for me, it dawns on me that my life might be just a little bit more than I imagined. It is amazing, isn’t it? To know that I lived so many years walking the path of destiny upon this baked earth, only to...

The memoirs of a dying star: Part 2 (Short Story) 24-07-2008
by Samuel-Malachi Odekunle
And so my legacy began to grow. Many people knew of my involvement in the initial phase of the sampling project and as a consequence sought me out to develop similar programs in their states and towns. By the age of 23, I was elected to the chair...

To (Poetry) 23-02-2008
by Richell Ganancial
Love grows of a heart purely, Smiles healed thy wound. The end is calling for me, My spirit filled with anxiety. Such a love but will it last ? Thy soul finds its blast . I cried just to feel That my mind kills. The breeze hasn't...

Use Positive thinking (Opinions) 26-09-2011
by Prince Wilson
Use Positive Thinking We all have our fears in life. But the biggest of all fears is the fear of failing. Sometimes, one of the great battles we face in life is destined to pressure us to fail. The challenges will light up the negative...

Victim of a broken home (Poetry) 15-11-2009
by dappa maple
Each time I get distressed about my ordeals as a product of separated parents, the title of Ngugi wa Thiong'o’s book, Weep not child is of great solace to me. Growing up for me was a very awful experience. Waking up and getting ready for school,...

Volunteering is love amongst humanity! (Short Story) 4-10-2009
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
I sit in a home which most Costa Ricans would think was that of a very wealthy North American. It was once only a cabina that my wife and I built with the last of our savings. I am almost ashamed when I invite my "Tico" {Costa Rican} friends...

Volunteering in Latin America and Online (Short Story) 27-10-2009
by Samantha Hodder
I have worked and volunteered with several non-profit organizations in Canada and Latin America and the experiences I have had have been incredibly enriching. While volunteering in rural Ecuador, I was able to do environmental work, community...

Volunteering on TIG (Interviews) 29-10-2009
by Richard Zhang
Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? A: My name is Richard Zhang. I am a high school student at Don Mills Collegiate Institute. I am very interested in writing and global issues, which is the reason why I am currently volunteering for...

What a joy! (Poetry) 24-01-2008
by Johnson Kayode Jedidiah
Efforts are made by men and women all the days of their lives to accomplish their heart’s desire, even if it conflicts with God's plan for their lives. Only a small fraction of them retrace their steps back to Him. This has led many...

What is time? (Opinions) 23-02-2008
by Richell Ganancial
Why is it that people tend to lose time even when on their feet? Why do we have to chase time? Why can’t we own it? I usually wake up every morning at around 6:00am; have to drink three glasses of water to probably replenish all the liquid in...

Youth in the new Nigeria (Opinions) 18-06-2008
by aimuemojie ephraim
It is of utmost importance that the attention of the youth be called to this topic, because it is a determining factor as to whether they will last at the top when they get there. It is very essential to call their attention to this issue now,...