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Ability in Disability (Poetry) 1-12-2005
by Henry Ekwuruke
Seeking knowledge makes for wisdom Discerning, making (good and sound) judgment Of good and reputable course Picturing colors and knowing the difference I had to know of it My ability, my abilities To read and write To perceive and to...

Become a Friend (Opinions) 2-02-2006
by Semergey V.Artem
What does it mean to live with disabilities? Persons with disabilities have the same dreams as those living full lives: they are capable of loving and to be loved; to dream, to look at the beauty of nature, to be good to other people, and to...

Disability in Uganda (Opinions) 5-02-2006
by Ssendagire Paul
Disability is part and parcel of every society. There is no generation or society without a disabled person. Yet the term disability encircles the mentally ill, the visually impaired, people with behavioural and communication disorders, the poor...

Disability, Beyond Physical (Poetry) 21-03-2006
by Odimegwu Onwumere
Disability: Something that disables or disqualifies one. We have disability of the mind We have disability of the heart We have disability of the eye When one has no money to execute an obligation he is disabled, or when love is broken,...

If I were in a wheelchair (Poetry) 23-08-2009
by calieel rashad amahad
If I were in a wheelchair I'd wish you would not stop and stare, Unless it was at the glare from my super fine hair. If I were in a wheelchair man, I would love to have ramps everywhere. If I were in a wheelchair I would love to play ball,...

There is Ability in Disability (Poetry) 10-03-2006
by Oluyemisi Joel-Osebor (Nee Agboola)
No no, don’t ever allow self-pity to overshadow your dreams. Because there’s ability in disability What you call disability today could be a springboard to your success tomorrow If you talk about your disability, then let me remind you that...