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A Dietary Prescription (Opinions) 31-05-2005
by Maulik Baxi
Nutrition has been a dynamic subject of interest for politicians, sociologists, health care professionals and lately a topic of discussion in the media as well. Nutrition as a science had been largely neglected by traditional medicines until the...

Accountability for Adequate Nutrition for Children (Opinions) 24-02-2003
by oke oyeleye
When a child is not adequately nourished it is not only the child's family but the society as a whole that have failed that child. There should be mechanisms for calling governments to account and correcting that failure. If the law says that...

Empowering People to Eat Well, Be Well, and Change the World (Opinions) 8-08-2005
by Cheryl Gudz
Food is an essential part of our daily lives. It is central to our health and well being, but we rarely know where it comes from, under what conditions it was produced or how far it had to travel to get to our kitchens and into our stomachs. In...

Eradicating Poverty through Agriculture (Opinions) 23-03-2007
by .
Poverty and hunger are complex problems for which there are no simple solutions. Poverty affects both rural and urban areas, and is associated with social problems such as malnutrition, disease, violence and poor education. The line between cause...

Feeling skinny feels great...? (Poetry) 10-12-2009
by Itzel
This poem expresses the struggle in the mind of somebody battling with anorexia: the conflict between self-perception and reality. It does feel great ! I can’t stand the hunger. I’ve been lying all the time. I see the mirror and I hate...

Food: A Political or Nutritional Tool? (Opinions) 6-06-2005
by Yara Kassem
Can you think, make vital and important decisions, talk and even joke when you’re still hungry? What about those entire populations spending years in hunger, or even those who cannot afford to get the food for their children? Food is...

Health and wellness (Short Story) 3-06-2010
by Arrey Emmanuel Enow
How have you had to deal with illness- physical, mental and spiritual? Illness is something nobody likes. When I was young and I got a cold, if I wanted to sleep or asked for drugs, my dad would tell me that I had to fight it: “Don’t give in to...

Obesity (Poetry) 15-12-2009
by karen
Many people worry about their weight In case it stops them from getting a date. Sitting in front of the television stuffing their faces with potato chips. Almost like they’re getting double vision to see those chips go to their hips....

Recession vs. Life (Short Story) 12-07-2009
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
As I shed my tears upon some of the ways that the Costa Rican people survive in life, I have to also withdraw the same tears. Many of the Costa Rican people have nothing. The weather is in their favor, as it is never cold enough to take your...

The Eating Disordered World (Opinions) 7-03-2002
by Joanna Frizzell
The eating disordered world is one in which food has become the main focus. Eating disorders are called eating disorders because of the apparent prominent difficulty with eating food. The relationship between the individual and food has...

The memoirs of a dying star: Part 2 (Short Story) 24-07-2008
by Samuel-Malachi Odekunle
And so my legacy began to grow. Many people knew of my involvement in the initial phase of the sampling project and as a consequence sought me out to develop similar programs in their states and towns. By the age of 23, I was elected to the chair...

The Spectre of Cannibalism in Sub-Saharan Africa (Opinions) 24-09-2009
by Norma
The era of AIDS has birthed strange happenings in Kenya and across the sub-Saharan African (SSA) region in general. Earlier during the epidemic, it was rumored that a sexual encounter with a virgin could cure one of HIV/ AIDS. This helped to...

War of greens: counting of food miles concept, is it a good idea? (Opinions) 21-03-2007
by .
Food miles can be defined as the distance traveled by a food product from its source to the consumer’s plate. The longer the distance, the more pollution caused by the food on its transit- a combination of the fuel emissions and packaging and...