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Panorama Submission Guidelines

We are always looking for fresh and engaging pieces of writing from TIG members, whether they are fiction or non-fiction. We are looking for uniqueness of vision and clarity of thought. We are looking for a wide variety of informative and insightful voices and perspectives to enrich our community. Please read the current issue of Panorama to see examples of what we are about!

Due to the popularity of Panorama among members, we are currently receiving more articles than we can edit and process. Please allow two to four weeks for a response from us regarding any new article you submit. If you have any questions about the status of your article which you have submitted more than 5 weeks ago, please email us at editorial@takingitglobal.org. Otherwise, thank you for your writing and especially your patience.
  • We publish the following types of writing:
    • Opinion: Voice your thoughts about current events and pressing global issues. Share your unique perspective through an opinion piece!
    • Interview: Who inspires you? Conduct an interview with someone who has done something that you think would inspire other TIG members as well!
    • Short Story: Visit the land of make-believe. Step in the lives of imaginary characters. Free your creative powers!
    • Poetry: For those who are in love with words. Where words are pushed to their breaking point and are transformed into pure emotion.
  • Minimum Word Requirements: For opinions and reviews: 500 words, to a maximum of 2,500 words. For example, a 17 page research report is not acceptable. If you are planning to write a longer piece, please contact the editorial staff with your idea! There are no word limits for creative writing pieces such as short stories and poetry.
  • Please do not submit promotional or publicity materials, as we will not publish these.
  • Please submit only articles written by you. Submitting other peoples work is plagiarism. Plagiarism can be loosely defined as: using another persons written ideas word for word, without their permission or without proper citations, or having the majority of your work copied from another document. We will randomly look up articles to make sure that they are not plagiarized. If you have any questions regarding proper citation, please contact us!
  • Although our team of editors is here to help you with spelling, grammatical mistakes, and formatting, please edit and revise your article before submission so that your intended meanings are clear.
  • We only accept original work, work that has not been published elsewhere before.
  • If you have any questions about submitting your work to the Panorama Online Publication, please contact: editorial@takingitglobal.org
The following are the terms of a legally binding grant of rights from you to TakingITGlobal. Please read them carefully before submitting your work.


In consideration of the acceptance of my material, which consists of (collectively, the "Material") to TakingITGlobal, I hereby grant to TakingITGlobal a non-exclusive license to copy, digitize, store, distribute, publish, display, stream, advertise, promote or otherwise use all or part of the Material in connection with TakingITGlobal's Panorama web site. TakingITGlobal may use my name, likeness or other identifying characteristics in connection with its use of the Material. I have not and will not in the future, nor has or will anyone else, request remuneration of any kind from TakingITGlobal for the use of the Material.


I may revoke TakingITGlobal's license to display my material by giving ninety (90) days written notice ("Revocation Notice") addressed and delivered to TakingITGlobal, 19 Duncan St. Suite 505, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3H1, Canada. TakingITGlobal will cease displaying my work within ninety (90) days after receipt of my Revocation Notice.

I agree that the Material may be cropped, edited and electronically manipulated or otherwise altered, and whether or how the Material is used is entirely for the TakingITGlobal to decide.


I certify that I am the sole owner of all intellectual property in the Material, and that I have obtained the consent for TakingITGlobal's use of the Material from all identifiable persons appearing therein. If the Material includes music, I certify that I am the composer of the music and that I have obtained the consent for TakingITGlobal's use of the music from all the performers thereof. If there is any part of the Material that I do not own, I certify that the owner of that part of the Material expressly permits its use by TakingITGlobal.

I agree to indemnify TakingITGlobal and its assignees or licensees from all damages and expenses (including legal fees) that may be incurred from third party claims based on a violation of a personal or proprietary right (including copyright) resulting from the use of the Material. I also release TakingITGlobal from any claims that I may have arising out of TakingITGlobal's use of the Material, whether personal or proprietary. I have full legal authority to make this agreement.

I also agree to have my parent or guardian sign and return the signed Terms & Conditions, if I am under the age of 13, I acknowledge that there is a legal agreement between me and TakingITGlobal and that this is our entire agreement, which shall be governed by the laws of the province of Ontario, Canada, and any disputes shall be resolved only in the courts of the province of Ontario, Canada.